A Review of Hatter M Vol.4 : Zen of Wonder by Frank Beddor

As the other volumes of this fantastic story it centers on Hatter Madigan, bodyguard of Princess Alyss of Wonderland, and his never ending search for his lost princess.

Is the latest entry of The Hatter M Institute for Paranormal Travel efforts to map he’s journey through our world from 1859 to 1872.
We find Hatter Martigan in San Francisco circa 1870 in search of an long last samurai only to find himself face to face with a  very unexpected zen master and her journey back to Japan, an blade collecting pseudo-Captain, a memory of the forge in the millinery, a much deserved vacation in paradise , some Japanese demons control by a huge pumpkin, a lost brother and more importantly the zen ideas that could easily reshape his quest.

The breathtaking artwork is beautifully render by the talented hand of Sam Makkonen, it looks like a cross between Ben Templesmith and Dave McKean.

The hardcover edition hits shelf on June 11, 2013 be sure to pick it up.

5 of 5 stars.

Get deeper immerse in this fantastic world by visiting http://frankbeddor.com/ and http://www.lookingglasswars.com/home.html

Or you can also support Frank in his Kickstart project at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/149372651/hatter-m-zen-of-wonder but hurry there is only 5 days left.

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