World Book Day 2015


This is the day of the year when the UNESCO celebrates that precious little thing known as a Book.

This date marks the death of both Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, so it was decided, in 1995, to honor their memory in this particular day. Also is the day in which the prestigious Miguel de Cervantes prize is presented.

For this year the city of Incheon, South Korea will serve as the World Book Capital, let’s see what they have in store for this glorious celebration.

For more information in the matter you can go to this link and read all about it

I have big plans for this day which include not sleeping, drinking massive amounts of coffee and of course lots of reading.

Happy Readings


Day 25 of the 200 day march

Well, my plan to read 100 pages of Storm of Swords didn’t sailed has smoothly as I will hope, of said goal my progress was only 25 pages, a quarter of my original intent. The next day I only read 4 pages of the book. Can I say more. This gives a total of 9,815 pages, slow progress. In happier news I was going through my Hellboy comic collection (both the printed and digital material ) and found out that I haven’t read a couple of graphic novels in the seven year that this project has been active, so it’s time to revisit some old friends. WP_000200The left one is Volume 7: The Troll Witch and Others, the right one is Volume 2: Wake the Devil, I’m so excited to delve into this mysterious and dark world, which it feels just like home. The other good news is that my comic book stash grew exponentially thanks to a mega bundle in comixology. I found it by chance, the bundle consist of 141 comic books and more than 5,000 pages from publisher Dynamite Entertainment and include the like of Red Sonja, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards and much more, all for the measly price of 6 dollars. If your interested here is the link So I have replenish my stock and ready for the challenge ahead. Happy Readings azr

Day 23 of the 200 day march

I know that I said that daily posts but to tell the truth this past two weeks have been real momentum changers.

That been said, I’ll catch you up to what I have been doing.

In the book front I’m still reading Storm of Swords (30% of progress) and The Killing Kind (52% of progress).

In the graphic novel front I finish reading Before Watchmen Vol.2 and have plans to start reading the third and final volume, probably as a light read before sleeping.


The best part from Volume 2 was the dark and gritty take of The Comedian by Brian Azzarello, this prolific author was the perfect fit to tell this story.

From Volume 3 I’m really looking forward to The Crimson Corsair.A story that was told in little snippets throughout the original Watchmen,also the art work seems really cool and the story is by the editor of the original series and comic-book legend Len Wein. It seems really promising.

On the progress front I have some brilliant days and some days I wish to forget, to be honest if I want to achieve my goal one word comes to mind, consistency, the one thing I’m lacking right now. So the run down of the last 12 days go as follow

April 8 – 32 pages

April 9- 20 pages

April 10- 28 pages

April 11-12 pages

April 12-10 pages

April 13- 10 pages

April 14- 34 pages

April 15- 20 pages

April 16- 349 pages (yeah, that’s not a typo)

April 17- 133 pages

April 18 – 156 pages

As you can see some awesome days and most of them a monument the my lack of consistency.

This numbers give me a total of 9,771 pages for this seventh year and a whooping 40,229 pages to go and 178 days to do it.

This gives me a really bumpy road ahead of me, but I think is really manageable.

So ,in recent days I had some inspiration to keep me going, first was in the form of music that I have already listen to and some new gems that I have hear of the groups but never really listen to. My first discovery was The Decemberists and their album The King is Dead, it has been playing at least two or three times a day, especially with my morning coffee. The second group was Death Cab for Cutie, which I know is a fairly popular group but I never really listen to it. I discovered that some of their songs I have already listen to but didn’t know who the group was. And the third group was the Alabama Shakes, that, with Britanny’s cool and raspy voice, almost prophetically, told me just to “Hold On”. The other music that has been really present this days are two albums that have been some of my favorite music of recent memory, Lazaretto by Jack White and Turn Blue by The Black Keys. This kind of music get my juices going, specially late at night with a good book and a glass of wine.

The second thing was the unveiling of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, my geek self had a little stroke, followed by about 15 minutes of tears of joy. If you haven’t seen it, or if you where living under a rock, here’s a link to watch it in all it’s glory .

The real reason for my excitement that one of my favorite fictional universes is coming back in a big way, is that this can only mean one thing, new books of the expanded universe. What more can I ask for.

So I will work on my consistency and kick this challenge right on the ass. The order for today is to read 100 pages of Storm of Swords, wish me luck.

Happy Readings



The last post was my number 50 on this blog, cheers to those who read it, and hopefully I’ll reach at least 5000 more

Day 12 of the 200 day march

Well yesterday was a day destined to being forgotten, my progress was dreadful, a measly 14 pages.

Sleep got the best of me and I fell in the tight grip of Morpheus pretty  quickly.

As I said the total for the day was 14 pages, which gives me a total of  8,962 pages.

Hope I can make up for some of the lost pages today. For now back to reading.

Happy Readings


Day 11 of the 200 day march

Yesterday was an okay day, I read a couple of digital comics (by the way my stash is running a little low) and could make a little progress on Storm of Swords. This weekdays are murder to my progress but I’ll have the better part of the night to get some reading.

The page total was 90 pages which gives me a total of 8,948 pages, slow and steady.

Also this last few days I have been spending it in the backyard, getting it ready for the beautiful morning and nights of summer. You know, some morning coffee or an afternoon wine in a little desert oasis.

Right now the only thing it needs is some love. And some weeding

I’m a total tree huger.

Happy Readings


Day 10 of the 200 day march

Another great day, I made head-way with Storm of Swords, finish reading Before the Watchmen Vol. 1 and read a little bit of “The Killing Kind” by John Connolly (Perfil Asesino in spanish) the third book of detective Charlie Parker series. A few pages I read but where creepy as hell.

Also I found a pleasant surprise in my backyard, a bunch of little plums just growing away minding their on business. It will seem that this I will be eating plums and tangerines from my trees.


The page total for yesterday was 247 pages which gives me a total of 8,858 pages. For now I’m going to brew some coffee and keep at it.

Happy Readings


Day 9 of the 200 day march

Yesterday (well including also the wee hours of today) was a great progress day, two things got me glued and unavailable to get to sleep.

First of is Storm of Swords, being book number three of the epic saga of genius George R.R. Martin “A song of Ice and Fire”. I’m really enjoying this series as you’ll enjoy a fine wine, little sips and hoping it will never end.

The second one was Before the Watchmen Vol.1, which are prequels to the masterpiece by Alan Moore The Watchmen, they are great fun and where written and drawn by the industry elite, but, lack a bit of scope of the original source material. To be fair is a pretty difficult act to follow. This particular volume explores the story of the original Nite Owl and the Minutemen, the first jobs of Silk Spectre and my favorite character Rorschach narrating one of his biggest mistakes.

The day finished with 280 pages and a total of 8,611 pages for year seven.

Only 41,389 pages to go and 192 days to do it.

Happy Readings


Day 8 of the 200 day march (but the first update)

So I started my new reading goal with a bang. But as I slowly got into it my numbers sort of mellow out.

Part of it I think is that my head and my body are trying to tell me that I also need to rest.

I’ll figure some strategy to balance this two things. Caffeine is ever present but this task I think asks for something more.

Well here are the numbers for the first 7 days.

March 28-208 pages

March 29-353 pages

March 30-212 pages

March 31-148 pages

April 1- 11 pages

April 2-87 pages

April 3-89 pages

As you can see some great days some not so much.

So that’s 8,331 pages down, 41,669 pages to go.

For now I’ll keep reading Storm of Swords and finish my gigantic cup of coffee.

Happy Readings


The 7 months hiatus and the brewing of new projects.

The last few months have been a real whirlwind.

Between life itself and having a new member in my family, time has the tendency to evaporate.

In the reading front my progress has been decent (given the circumstances) ,but not to my complete satisfaction.

A couple of weeks back we had the opportunity to take a small road trip to the city of Casas Grandes ( about 170 miles southwest from Ciudad Juarez, my hometown) and it gave me a chance to reconnect, to unwind and refocused.

Being surrounded by the mighty desert and exploring the ruins of the majestic lost city of Paquime  with my beloved wife and my amazing kids This will always have a positive effect on my mood. And to top it off staying in a charming B & B, well that just made this that much more special.

A shot from the museum in Paquime
A shot from an interior garden in the museum of Paquime
A scale model depicting how Paquime was originally build.
An interior courtyard in the museum of Paquime.
The interior patio from the B&B “Las Guacamayas”
A shot of the rooms at the B&B “Las Guacamayas”
A shot of the interior Patio at the B&B “Las Guacamayas”

This trip got me thinking about my reading goal and the direction of this blog.

It gave me the idea of starting a couple of new sections.

The first one I’m going to call it “Ambulat” which is a derivation of a greek word that means “to walk”. It’s main purpose is creating a space to share my little road trips around my region, and eventually, here’s to hoping,around the world.

The second one I’m going to call it “200 day march”  starting on march 28 I have exactly 200 days left until the end of the seventh year of this project. The idea is to push myself and reach the gargantuan task of reading 50,000 pages. Wish me luck. This will be follow by daily progress entry.

So to catch up to speed here are some quick numbers

Total Pages : 157,323 pages

For year seven : 8,235 pages down 41,765 pages to go

Days left until the end of Lost in a Million Pages: 5,909 days

As of now I’m working on this three bad boys, pretty awesome each in their own accord.

WP_000179I have a long weekend ahead, that only can mean one thing, BINGE READING!!!!

Happy readings

It’s good to be back


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