(Y-8) The coming of spring and some new acquisitions

Some signs of spring have pop-up in my little desert oasis. And with it brings my ever present desire to spend some time outside and read.

In the book front I have just finish reading the longest book in this year list. 1Q84 Libro 1 y 2 by famous japanese author Haruki Murakami. The book is amazing, in starts pretty normal, you know a Murakami normal, but it  gets pretty weird pretty fast, the story is view from two perspectives :Tengo, a quiet math teacher with a tremendous talent for writting and Aomame, a personal trainer/assassin. I won’t spoil much of the story because this book should be read by everyone, but at some point of the story there is “little people” coming out of a death blind goat. Yeah!!!!!


 Also, I hope to finish reading Mort this evening and get deeply into Unfinished Tales, which I have neglected.

The next book up is Viaje a Portugal by the Nobel Prize Winner José Saramago.


I think the my pace has gone up, things are looking better. Here is the numbers so far this year.

  • Total pages for  the eight year : 6,160 pages
  • Days left for the eight year: 215 days
  • Books left for the eight year: 38 books
  • Pages left to read in my goal for the eight year: 15,131 pages
  • Total pages of Lost in a million pages: 173,305 pages

And finally on the subject of hoarding new things for my ever growing demand of pages I just got some Star Wars comics. They look great and where really cheap, which is always welcome.


For now back to reading.



(Y-8) Gargantuan Challenges and the Re-focus of my time reading 1,000,000 pages

Lately I have been bombarded with a lack of mental and physical strength. Nothing to be concern about, but it has affected me quite deeply. I think it’s mainly the normal grind of living in this accelerated times.

Some nights my brain literally shuts down on me, there I’m trying to make head-way with one of my books and suddenly…..puff……gone….

And it reboots around 3 a.m.

This has been going on for quite some time; fortunately it only has affected my progress in this personal challenge.

But it got me thinking; maybe my focus on the whole thing needs new direction. The challenge is “Lost in a Million Pages” not “Lost in a Million Pages for a certain time”. So I think is time to re-hatch the idea that I’ll get this done by my 50th birthday, instead the idea is to get it done. Who knows maybe I can do it before that.

So to proof that I mean business the challenge for the next 3 years stands. That is 130,500 pages. Starting with 52 books for this year, from which I’m working on numbers 14, 15 and 16 (hence the gargantuan part of the title).

For now, besides reading like a mad man, I need to find new things to add to my library.

Because 130,500 pages are quite a mouth-full and my current things to read are far from that number.

Recommendations are welcome

I’ll keep you post it on my progress with the massive hoarding of pages.

Happy Readings


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