(Y-9) and then it was december

Time is flying, we are a mere 27 days to go and 2016 is done.

For me this has been a year of great change and great inspiration.

Fortunately it seems that my change of scenery has done marvels for my mood and for my eagerness to finish my goals.

As always I could be more advanced with my reading but this new year has been a really productive one.

So for a quick recap.

On the book front I have finish what it was another masterpiece by the late great Carlos Fuentes, this time it was the turn of El Naranjo, a collection of 5 short stories narrated by one of the son of conquistador Hernan Cortez and his turncoat lover/translator the infamous Malinche, what I loved about the book is that it depicts the historical figures as mere human thrown into some really shitty situations that test their willingness to survive. pick-up this book you won’t regret it.

Also I keep working on Frankenstein and the tragically beautiful book by Nobel Laureaute Alice Munro, La vida de las mujeres. 

On the graphic novel/comic front there has also been some development.

For starters I finish reading Sandman: Overture and let me tell you it was kind of bittersweet, in the one hand I loved the story and the artwork simply brilliant, J.H. Williams III is something special, on the other hand I can come to the idea that it was the final story about the endless that Neil Gaiman will ever write, that thought pains me deeply.

The other graphic novels that I finished were Trees by Warren Ellis, a fantastic twist on the whole invaders from outer space that only Mr. Ellis could have written. The second one was a Darth  Maul: Death Sentence, a quick and fun adventure to read on a lazy Sunday. Also I started working on another Darth Maul graphic novel, Son of Dathomir, the only thing I have to say is Mandalorians.

So here are the numbers for this period.

Total pages for the ninth year : 3,738 pages

Days left for the ninth year: 306 days

Books left for the ninth year : 32 books (I’ll post later explaining the sudden increase)

Pages left to read in my goal for the ninth year : 53,256 pages

Total pages of Lost in a million pages : 187,271 pages.

Happy Readings !!!


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