(Y-9) World Book Day …well yesterday was

I had plans for a day long marathon of reading and caffeine but you know live gets in the way. 

I had my little reading nook ready to go.

Photo via instagram

I got up, on Sunday morning, around 5:30, put on a fresh pot of coffee and sat down determined to read at least 300 pages. Not 5 minutes pass when I fell to sleep .

I was woken up by the delightful Carolina, my youngest, around 7:30, when she tried to cuddle up with me. Needless to say I opted to play with her and make some breakfast.

Later in the afternoon I gave it another go with similar results.

Maybe next year I’ll plan it better, and include some reading with my little ones.

All in all it was an awesome weekend, I just have to remember to buy a certain someone a red rose and a book.

Happy Readings!!!


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