(Y-9) 14 days…..happy shelves

Today I bought some books that will be part of all the epicness awaiting for me in (Y-10).

After reading The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings I will dive right into the world of Rogue Drow Drizzt Do’Urden.

Probably he is one of my all-time favorite characters and in honor of next year theme, I will finally read this entire series.

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(Y-9) 15 days….. new books and the international coffee day

The last two weeks of this reading year.

I will focus on my only remaining book and beef up that total number for the year.

Of course to do that I’ll need my old friends, comic books.

A lot has been going on this week, but the main thing is the State Book Fair is in full swing.

And that brings me to the highlight of the week, on Wednesday my multi-talented wife presented, on said Book Fair, her latest book endeavor, oh yes her latest, this being her second book in print.

The newest one is a photographic memoir of a very particular landmark found in our city, the border. And do mean the physical space between the United States and Mexico.

Filled with beautiful black and white photos, mostly taken by local artist Luis Pegut, the book tries to recapture all the stories hidden in the sands if the Rio Grande.

I couldn’t feel prouder of this beautiful piece of art celebrating our beloved city.

On Sunday, being the last day of the Book Fair, will go back and see what goodies we can find.

For now, I started hoarding some Legend of Drizzt books for next year total epicness, pictures coming as soon as they arrive.

Well, being the international coffee day I think I’ll celebrate by brewing some in my french press.


Cheers everybody and Happy Readings!!!!



(Y-9) 18 days….

The inevitable finally has come to pass.

I finally had put down Jerusalem by Alan Moore.

I’m really not in a mindset to give it proper attention.

For the remaining days I’ll focus on finishing Star Wars: Tyrants Test and Fight Club 2.

And give way to total epicness for (Y-10).

Making lists and planning how in hell am I going to read 97,000 pages.

I’ll find a way.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-9) 22 days… seven times seven

Yesterday I almost put down Jerusalem and leave it for another time.

It’s messing with my mind, in a good way.

The book is so rich and deeply layered, that is no secret coming from Mr. Moore’s pen.

But I decided to push through and finish it before October 13.

That is when (Y-10) begins and epicness ensues.

For year ten, the total of pages to read will be determined by how (Y-9) ends in total pages, but I’m looking forward to about 90,000 + pages. A gargantuan task.

With this in mind, I thought about how many books and pages should I read for the 10th anniversary of my crazy project. Hence, the title of this post, seven times seven.

Using that idea, which has been rattling around my mind for no apparent reason, I came with the number of books for the year: 7 x 7 = 49 books, and, in order to consider (Y-10) a productive year I should at least read 7 x 7,777 = 54,439 pages.

For now, I’ll spend some long night trying to rack up as many pages as I can and keep searching for epic material to read next year.

My midnight companions

Fight Club 2 @ page 51 of 276

Jerusalem @ page 178 of 1266


Happy Readings!!!




(Y-9) 25 days….some late night reading and a weekend full of art.

These last 5 days were really productive in many ways.

First of all, I finally finish reading México Mutilado by Francisco Martín Moreno, and with this last year reading mark has been surpassed.

I`m currently sitting at 16,875 pages, I’ll focus on finish Jerusalem and maybe try to read Fight Club 2, a graphic novel by the way.

Also, this weekend I finally got around to visit the new art exhibition currently showing at the local museum.

Inside the museum, you can find two really different exhibitions, in the main room La Línea by Francisco Mata Rosas, which consist of a collection of photographs depicting life on the edge of two countries and the hot topic of this days, immigration and the wall.

In the other two exhibition hall, you’ll find Col-Art, a series murals that were done in collaboration by different artists, I must confess that the results are amazing.

The final exhibition was my favorite, Proyectos Impala is a gallery in a refurbish trailer container, what they have done with this tiny space is really mind-boggling.

Currently, there is an exhibition by Chilean artist Máximo Corvalán-Pincheria, which deals with the collective atrocities that the Chilean people suffered under the tyranny of a despot dictator.

I think I cannot make justice to the pieces because most of the sense of this exhibition is to experience the work at first-hand.

If you get the chance to visit it I highly recommend it.


Lots of really cool things to see and books to finish.

I’m gearing up for (Y-10) which, I solemnly swear,  is going to be my best one yet.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-9) 30 days….the final stretch

One Month and this ninth year is in the books.

I couldn’t achieve all my set goals for this year but I’m really satisfied with the outcome.

Tonight I’m going to try and make as much head-way with México Mutilado in order to devoted this last month to Jerusalem.

So it’s going to be a fun night. I have some fuel ready and a bright light, so, I’m all set.

Happy Readings


I almost forget, the final page count is 16,406 pages, just about 102 pages from last year total. Let’s surpass that number.

(Y-9) 33 days…. the end is drawing near.

I have little over a month to go in this the ninth year of reading.

And with this my focus has to be on finishing the three current books on my reading list.

That is 2,034 pages in 33 days, well I have already read 574 pages, so it’s a bit less than that.

Here is the way I adapted my bullet journal for the task at hand.

With this I’ll finish the year with about 19,000 pages,and really motivated to reach the ultimate goal of 130,500 pages in three years.

For now I’ll focus my efforts in completing the series in the list and make the next year of reading truly an epic one.

And to finish this past weekend right, I acquired a couple of new characters to further improve my bookshelves.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-9) 38 days….go big or go home

In the spirit of doing better and bigger things, I decided to try and make my blog more versatile and full of content about culture and art.

So, too start now you can find me at our new address, lostinamillionpages.com . Still powered by the great folks of WordPress.

And in the coming weeks I’ll start some new sections and side projects that have inhabited for years in my mind.

I’m really excited and ready to start the next chapter in this my crazy little project.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-9) 39 days… bright spots

This was a really good weekend, I did some really cool things with my wife and kids, but one thing, in particular, took the whole cake.

Let me start by saying that it is no secret that my fair city, Ciudad Juárez, suffers an extreme problem of violence.

In 2009 this grave problem reaches its peak and all of its citizens suffered the consequences, business closed, the streets were deserted and a mournful vibe covered the entire city.

But amidst all this chaos and grieve a few bright spots took up arms and fought the good fight.

Biblioteca Independiente Ma’ Juana open 7 years ago with the sole purpose of bringing a save haven for children, a place where they can escape the crude violence and, through reading and the magic of books, learn that another type of life and society.

With hard work and a lot of love it’s two founders, Ana Laura Ramirez and Susana Baez, keep fighting the good fight, and for that, we are really grateful.

As part of this celebration, they presented a couple of children’s book.


I’ll post later this evening a few pictures of the books.

Happy Readings!!!


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