(Y-10) exploring and reading ( pictures included)

As I predicted things have been moving at snail pace and I’m loving it.

In the morning, the usual ritual ensues, coffee and reading, then the day really starts, some have been totally relaxed and others have been filled with visits to cool places.

This past two days have been the latter version.

First I had finally the chance to visit Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento, this really cool neo-gothic church.

It’s building started on 1897 by the famous Italian architect Adamo Boari and wasn’t finish for another 75 years.

A rare style to be found in Mexico and an impressive building to visit.

From there we headed to one of our favorite spots in Guadalajara, Hospicio Cabañas, a cultural center which houses a series of impressive mural by the famous Mexican painter José Clemente Orozco.

I’ll let the murals do the talking.

More that impressive, these is a place you could sit for hours and take in every detail and still find yourself needing more time.

Also walking around the area in and around the Hospicio Cabañas you can find and all sort of cultural and historical things that baffle the mind.

On the second day we went to Lake Chapala, this massive body of water covers 420 square miles and is the largest fresh water lake in all of the country.

On the books front I’m pleased to inform that the first book, The Crystal Shard, in my reading plan for this vacations is under my belt and the second one is well underway.

Today I’ll take it easy, for tomorrow the magical town of Tequila awaits me, and I have a feeling that things are about to get blurry.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-10) slowly but surely

This days have been slow in all regards, I’m taking my sweet time for everything.

My reading has been slow but steady.

Tomorrow will be of exploring.

For now I’ll sit here read and listen to The War on Drugs.

Happy Readings !!!


(Y-10) flirting with ideas and down time.

Finally, my long awaited holiday break is in full swing.

I plan to read a lot and equally eat a lot.

I’ll post some updates from my visits to the second largest city in Mexico.

Back in Juarez, I left the Lord of the Rings on hold, with about 400 pages to go, and plan to finish it on the first week of the year.

Right now I started with the long Saga of the dark elf ranger extraordinaire, Drizzt, a 30 book journey that was long overdue.

I’ll throw a few digital comics here and there and flirt with the idea of reading 100 books in one year, but that is a topic for after my vacation.

Happy Readings and Happy Holidays


(Y-10) rearrange and keep on reading.

In light of my plan, to go on to my holiday break with 6 books under my belt and 5,000 pages of total progress, apparently not coming true, I’ll have to reorginaze and probably add another book, three was the original plan, to the end of the year festivities.

For now my main focus will be finish the two books I’m reading , push back Dragonlance: The War of Souls and start head-on with the Legend of Drizzt saga, a 30 book fantasy galore awaits me.

But I’ll start with The Crystal Shard and take it from there.

I’ll keep you post it.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-10) go back to sleep…activate panic mode

My original intention was to start reading The Legend of Drizzt series around mid-November, but, apparently, it is already December.

Of the 33 books of this epic saga, I have read the first trilogy, that is in the chronological order of the story because it was published after the second trilogy, The Icewind Dale, of the chronology, bit confusing, I know.

The first trilogy, The Dark Elf Trilogy, follows Drizzt in the Underdark, his homeland. Since the first time I delve into the world of this rogue Dark Elf my fantasy loving self-has been longing to go back to this vast and captivating world.

So, this year, it is the main attraction.


As you can see above this is the trilogy I plan to read over the holiday break, besides some graphic novels.

But what is standing on my way you may ask.

Well, only 5 books and 19 days.

Two of them I’m currently reading, Lord of the Rings, at page 462 of 1,137 , and The Legend of Huma, at page 218 of 384.


The other three are a trilogy set in the fantasy world of Dragonlance.

Dragons of a Fallen Sun, Dragons of a Vanished Moon and Dragons of a Lost Star, better known as the War of Souls trilogy, supposedly should introduce a new era of heroes to an already rich history of legendary figures.

In all these books are about 1,800 pages and with another 800 pages from the ones in progress, they amount to a gargantuan, bat-shit crazy, no sleep, highly caffeinated task, and guess what, I’m going to do it.

And I brought reinforcements, first and foremost, some good tunes, in form of three of my current favorite albums.

Prisoner by Ryan Adams and A Deeper Understanding and Lost in the Dream by The War on Drugs, all things in life are made better with music and I’m doing it old school and playing them on vinyl, I don’t know but there is something ritualistic about changing the record and feeling its weight on your hand that something digital can’t give you, sure more practical to use a streaming service for the day to day, but in this special occasions good old vinyl hits the right spot.

The second thing is some nice and dark chocolate, obviously to go along with the liters of coffee that I’m about to consume. Along with this I have a new little partner gracing my bookshelf, none other than my favorite comic-book character, Hellboy, well a cute version of him.


And lastly my faithful bullet journal to keep track of all the nuisance and crazy ideas that cross my over caffeinated and under slept mind.

Lately and unfortunately there have been a lot of red days, but with this tasks in hand I can no longer afford them.


Doing the math, I’ll have to read 2,628 pages in 19 days. I really don’t shy-away from crazy challenges.

Stay tuned for daily progress briefings and random happenings.

I almost forgot, my page total for this, the tenth year of reading is 3,425 pages, little under my goal for the end of November, but, I’ll take it.

Now back to reading, see you tomorrow.





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