(Y-10) The 100 day march and the accidental 400 page day.

So it begins, the final one hundred days of this year of reading are upon us, and with that my panic mode sets in automatically.

The only difference for this year is that I feel confident of my current pace and, at least one of my immediate goal is within reach.

As you can tell by this entry’s name I had a happy accident yesterday, my page total was of 426 for the day, I believe that if this was mapped out and thoroughly planned it would have failed miserably.

This grand total was spearheaded by two remarkable graphic novels, Lee Bermejo’s Batman: Noel and the always fantastic Saga, this time was the eight-volume of this award-winning book, written by the powerhouse author Brian K. Vaughan.

This gives me a giant boost and a clear pathway to reach some of the goals and regroup for the upcoming years.

With this burst of reading my total for the year went up to 19,671 total pages, only 329 pages for the first goal and 14,063 pages for the minimal total I intend to have my October.

As the clock winds down on this year, I will try to complete something that past years have somehow eluded me, to write at least one daily post of this last effort to close out the year on a high note.

For today I will attempt to replicate yesterday’s success, but today I will explore a galaxy far, far away in the company of a couple of Scoundrels and a Lord of the Sith, this also of course with a few outings thru the perilous paths of the Forgotten Realms accompanied by rogue Drow Drizzt Do’Urden.


If everything goes as planned, tomorrow a celebratory pizza and wine will be a top priority and a quick and rambling post to spread some of my joy.

Happy Readings!!!


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