(Y-11) for this evening’s reading and drinking.

I’ll try to chip off more time and pages before I succumb to sleep.

For this evening’s reading I will be starting with Doctor Voodoo and collection of tales from The Dark Crystal.

Also, I’ll go to work on Fire & Blood, right now the history has turned to Aegon The Dragon progeny, amazing stuff.

For the drinking, I’ll be trying a new variety of coffee from my favourite local roasters, Casa Cafetzin this particular one comes from the state of Chiapas, and it’s called Pantelhô.

Now back to reading.

(Y-11) The Clock does not goes tick, tack

I have finished reading Las Brujas de Westwood, great horror comic by an amazing group of Spanish artists, check it out, it will not disappoint.

On the history book front, I am progressing nicely, an it is a fantastic read.

I managed to chip away at some of the pages and some of the time, but I still gave some work ahead, fortunately I bought a shit load of coffee and still have the better of this afternoon and the weekend.

Right now, I’ll head out and do some of the waiting game, and because the book by Mr. Martin is so damn heavy, I’ll take my tablet and read some stuff on Comixology, Doctor Voodoo and some tales of The Dark Crystal are the order of business.

Off to read.


(Y-11) 5 minutes…or a couple of hours, the late night dilemma

I have finished reading Bruce Wayne, Murderer?, and the Tres Castillos graphic novel.

Also, read the first two chapter of Fire & Blood, as I was saying, reads like a fantastic history book.

Now my dilemma is if I call it a night or push a bit further.

I have reduced my reading clock to 16 hours and I am nearing 300 pages for the day, so naturally I will keep on pushing for a bit more.

I am about to start reading a graphic novel that I bought a few weeks ago, Las Brujas de Westwood, by Spanish editorial house dibbuks.

A bit of horror before a nice sleep.


(Y-11) intensive night reading session

I planned to read my eyes out tonight.

I’ll try to finish Bruce Wayne, Murderer? , and chip away at Blood & Fire.

Also, chip away at my page total, which is currently at 411 of the 2,480 pages planned for this week, and my time of reading.

Long way to go, but these type of things gets me really motivated.


(Y-11) Back to Westeros

This morning, after 45 days, I finally finished the fourth and final book of the Neverwinter Saga, and following the lead of Drizzt, I’ll take a break of the Faerûn, only to jump into another of one of my favorite stomping grounds, Westeros.

This time I’ll go back 300 years before the events on Game of Thrones, the novel not the series, and explore the ancient history of the Targaryen family.

This is the first volume of the history of this legendary family, and it begins with the arrival of Aegon I to Westeros.

Thus it begins, a reign of Fire & Blood.


(Y-11) time’s of the essence

Since I had more time to read and think, some new ideas for the blog came marching right in.

So, this upcoming Monday, I’ll launch a new section of this blog.

Really excited, now back to my reading.


(Y-11) closing out the night

I am on the final stretch of today’s reading.

I will probably gave like 50 minutes left on my eyes, do I’ll make the best of them.

Tomorrow’s tasks are to finish The Last Threshold.

Currently on page 317 of 434, luckily I am entering the final part of the book.

The other thing to do is finish my prep work do I can finish my backyard, u need some outdoor work.

Well, now it’s back to reading.


(Y-11) slow day…for reading

Today has been progressing like rapidly, I have tried to find some time to read but has not been that successful.

Right now I am waiting, so it is the perfect time to read, and my legendary friend Drizzt will do nicely.

When I get back home I’ll read a new graphic novel that I bought yesterday on the book fair, and it is from a local comic book company, 656 comics.

At first glance it looks stunning.


(Y-11) finishing the night in good company.

My first day of summer reading is going pretty decent.

I am reading a bit of The Last Threshold, currently on page 282, and throwed in there a bit of Batman and a bit of Justice League Dark, which I am loving, definitely a cast of outcasts are my thing.

Next in line is the second issue of The Batman who Laughs and maybe another run with Drizzt before hitting the hay.

Let’s see how thing fare.


(Y-11) Raising the stakes

For my summer reading I plan to go all out.

And that can only mean that I have to raise my weekly goal for both reading time and pages.

So, I have as goals to read 24 hours a week and at least the double amount of pages I need weekly to reach my ultimate goal for the year, that gives me around 2,500 pages to read per week.

I’ll better get on it.


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