(Y-11) 41 days…an update

This weekend was kind of a slow one.

Took some time to regroup from the crazy week I had.

My reading was decent, in progress, but really rich in content.

So, here are my numbers.

Total pages read in (Y-11): 42,588

Pages to go to reach this year’s goal (53,000): 10,412

Pages to go to surpass my best year of reading (47,705): 5,118

On what concerns my reading schedule, I am 33 days behind and gained some ground on the end date of reaching 500,000.

It came down to July 19,2028 from July 24,2028.

As I said before, any ground gaining is a source of joy.

The plan is to at least move this date to 2024, and those last 7 years until my 50th birthday, I will have to read my ass off.

My immediate goal is to reach 43,500 pages, which is the original total I calculated way back in the day that I started this crazy project, basically, I need that number in order to reach my coveted goal.

Now, it is way more than that.

And with that in mind, I am off to read.



Due to some technical problems with comixology account, there will be no old school monday.




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