(Y-11) The uncertainty of things

As I realize all of the endeavors ahead of me, I have come to the conclusion that maybe it is in my best interest to put this project in second priority.

For what concerns this reading year, the eleventh, which has a mere 29 days left in it, I’ll try to keep track of what I can squeeze in.

Right now my total is 43,485, some 4,220 pages left to reach my best year and 9,515 to reach my goal.

Both, things I have a certainty that I can not achieve.

For the twelve years, I’ll find a simpler way to put down what I read, which I can almost be certain it will be my lowest one yet.

Also, no side projects, that means no old school Monday, no mindful reading, and no caffeine pilgrimage.

I have high hopes for the thirteen years, but I’ll play by ear.

See you soon.


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