(Y-12) In the middle of things

I have just passed the middle of this last month of reading in this spectacular 2019.

I will make a full report of my total pages read on this my twelve year of reach, which has surpassed the 6,000-page mark, tomorrow morning.

For what concerns this month of reading, I have just passed the 2000-page mark, of the whopping 7,000 goal.

These days have been a bit hectic, but with my kids just about to go on winter break, I foresee some very productive days ahead of me.

The other exciting thing coming up is the premiere of Star Wars Episode IX, which I am going to see on Friday night, in the meantime, I will still be knee-deep in all Star Wars stuff I can get my hands on.

As you can see in the pictures below, I have read quite a few stories, I highly recommend the series Doctor Aphra and the Tie-In story, The Screaming Citadel.

Also, I plan to get thru the whole movie saga by Friday, currently, I am on Episode VI.

To finish off the day, I’ll keep on reading the third book of the amazing series The New Jedi Order, Dark Tyde-Ruin.

Off to read.


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