(Y-12) another achievement unlock

This is shaping up to be an amazing year of reading.

I’m proud to say that my reading schedule is being fulfilled splendidly, in fact, I am 18 days ahead on my reading.

This weekend was really productive, I read the first five volumes of the amazing comic book series Locke & Key, and also binge the first season of the Netflix series.

Also, I had two 300-page days.

And on the heels of that, today I reached 250 hours of reading using the Bookly app.

I’ll keep pushing, and reading my ass off.

Off to read.


(Y-12) The key to everything

I have been absent for more than a week, but I can assure you that I have spent it reading intensively.

I am just about to reach the 16,000-page mark for this year of reading, and I am also about 15 days ahead of schedule.

This passed week has been filled with all types of reading, from the Norse gods, to mutants, a reinterpretation of Frankenstein’s monster, and even a graphic history of Hip Hop.

For this weekend, I’ll commit to reading the first 5 volumes of the amazing series Locke & Key by Joe Hill, and of course binge the whole Netflix series.

For now, I am off to read.


(Y-12) Midway day

Today is a joyful one.

This is because today I have arrived at the very middle of my reading journey.

I wish it would also be the day I was celebrating 500,000 pages read, but that is not the case.

I started this journey on October 9 of 2008, and the finishing date, to read 1,000,000 pages, was on June 6 of 2031, my 50th birthday.

So, today marks 4,138 days of reading.

In that time, I have read 294,713 pages, this along books, comic books, graphic novels, and magazines, which add-up 3318 items.

There are still 4,138 days ahead of me.

For now, I am off to read.



(Y-12) The mighty and powerful Nick Cave

I have always found solace in music.

Right now, I have a special connection with Nick Cave.

It has an incredible depth and complexity to his lyrics.

I am obsessed with his latest release, Ghosteen. 

Particularly one song has latch on to my heart and mind, Bright Horses.

“Oh, oh, oh, well, this world is plain to see
It don’t mean we can’t believe in something, and anyway
My baby’s coming back now on the next train
I can hear the whistle blowing, I can hear the mighty roar
I can hear the horses prancing in the pastures of the Lord
Oh the train is coming, and I’m standing here to see
And it’s bringing my baby right back to me
Well there are some things too hard to explain
But my baby’s coming home now, on the 5:30 train”

-Bright Horses, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Simply beautiful.


(Y-12) Still in one piece

It has been an emotionally rough week.

I am still coping with the loss on my dear mother, it has been exactly a month from her untimely departure, and on the heels of this, the fresh memory of my beloved father’s passing only two years earlier.

I can safely say that is has been a rough couple of years.

This has given me fuel to reignite my internal fire and go after what makes me feel whole.

But first I must mourn their passing, I must face a world without their guidance and love.

I have a lot of positive things in my life, my amazing partner in crime, with whom I have formed an amazing family, inspiring friends who push and encourage all my craziness, and of course this life-long project that gives me so much satisfaction.

I have come to realize that I haven’t permitted myself to feel angry or sad about my loss.

That time has come.

I must cry.

I must mourn.

But more importantly, I must honor what they taught me and go out and find happiness.

With that in mind, I shall go and chase those goals.

Go and chase all that knowledge hidden away in my precious books, and share that life-affirming feeling with all of you.

I’ll be back really soon, for now, I am off to read.

And to think about my mom and dad walking eternally, hand in hand, in their beautiful purple desert.





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