(Y-12) Quarantined day, or, how I’m trying to reach 40,000 pages

We have been extra careful with all the COVID-19 stuff, and this has meant that we have only gone out for really essential stuff like groceries, doctor’s appointments, or things we cannot do over the internet.

This means a lot of downtime for reading.

The situation in Mexico has not yet reached its peak point, so we have to keep on taking the same preoccupations, which according to the Secretary of Health it will probably be at the end of June, which means a summer spent behind closed doors, and on the backyard.

With this in mind, I have taken upon myself to reach 40,000 pages by the end of July.

Right now I am still 8,233 net pages away from doing it, here is an explanation on the meaning of net pages, and I plan to make daily updates of what I am reading and the total amount that I have chipped off my next challenge.

For now, I am off to read.


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