Azriel’s Infinite Bookshelf: Justice League: Justice/Doom War

When I picked up this book, just by seeing who the main authors were, Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, I was more than excited.

And surely, they did not disappoint.

The Justice League faces once again the incredible power of Perpetua, who has managed to destroy the wall of the prison that contain her, and with her new acquired pet Lex Luthor, she threatens to colapse the multiverse.

This is why all of the heroes from the various eras, and Earths, come to face her in an spectacular battle for existence.

Only two seasoned writers can handle the sheer amount of characters presented in these pages, and for us, the fans of DC comics, it is a visual feast, I mean, even Kamandi makes a substantial appearance.

I can wait for the continuation of the story, that, according to the final panel, it will continue in Dark Nights: Death Metal.

Now ,off I go, to look for my next adventure.


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