Numbers: 28 of November,2020

I haven’t updated my numbers in a while, and let me tell you, it is not very promising.

My total for this year is 3,898 of the 37,984 pages of my goal.

I am fully aware that my mind is preoccupied with another pressing matters but also this is a very short year of reading, so I have to make every little moment count.

Right now I am 24 days behind schedule, but December will be an intensive month of reading , and hopefully; I’ll get back on track.

On the broader picture, I have a total of 329,441 pages, and according to my calculations my 1,000,000 pages goal is 9,025 days away, that will mean that I’m 5,184 days behind schedule.

Should I keep this pace up, I would be 64 years, 2 months, and 9 days old when my coveted goal is reach, only 14 years late.

Well I am not having it, slowly but steady, those days will be reduced.

For now, I am off to read.


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