Seven days of reading

It’s finally here, the week leading up to Christmas, and the final readathon of the year.

I found myself with somewhat of a withdrawal from not participating on the 24in48 readathon back in July, and I concocted one of my own.

It didn’t go so well, I had a lot on my mind, but this time around it will be different.

So, this is quite straightforward, I have 21 task to complete over the week, that’s 3 tasks per day.

I’ll leave to chance how I am going to tackle each day, this, with the help of a spin wheel with all the tasks.

Let’s see what the wheel has in store for Monday, the first day of reading.

  1. Read 50 pages outside
  2. Read 2 printed graphic novels
  3. Read 3 single issue comic books

The day is set, wish me luck.

For now, I am off to read.


Numbers: December 16, 2020

With just a few days left before my week long readathon, I still have a lot of things I would like to achieve before it starts.

The main one is to finish with book seven of The Malazan book of the Fallen, Reaper’s Gale.

I just passed the halfway point, currently on page 512 of 1003, and this will be my focus for this remaining days.

On my epic December plan to read more than 8,000 pages on the month, I am progressing as the Fellowship of the Ring thru the Pass of Caradhras, really slow and cold, minus the snow, I still have 7,793 pages to go.

This only gets me more hyped up for the upcoming intense week of reading.

On the broader picture for this year of reading I still have 30,714 pages to reach my goal, this task over 172 days left.

Right now I am reading the third volume of the comic book series Queen Sonja .

For now, I am off to read.


One before we go…to sleep

Yesterday’s reading has gotten my rythm back.

It was a pretty decent day, 157 total pages of reading, finished the first volume of Queen Sonja, and read about 24 pages from Reaper’s Gale.

I still have 8,125 pages to go on this epic December, and a lot of little goals to achieve.

The first would be to finish Reaper’s Gale by December 21, this is in time for my week long readathon, and to start a new book, Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb.

I have heard a lot of amazing things about her writing, and it is low overdue to dive right into a new fantastic universe.

For now I am off to read.


A not so epic start

To be completely honest, I have been struggling with my reading.

The start to this month’s gargantuan task has been disappointing to say the least.

With three weeks left in the year, and 8,282 pages to read I think this is a great opportunity to face this challenge head on.

Yesterday I had a glimmer of hope, for my total was 186 pages this combined with two graphic novels under my belt, things are looking up.

Concerning my numbers, I have a total of 4,760 total pages for this year, but the bad news is that I’m 30 days behind schedule , and with 179 days left on this year of reading, it is time to hit warp speed.

For today there’s some epicness ahead, I’ll try to make some headway with Reaper’s Gale, currently on page 371, and begin with a series of the She-Devil with a Sword, Queen Sonja, have been eyeing but haven’t got around to reading it.

For now, I am off to read, and take this cold and rainy December day as a good omen.


First Epic December report

A not so epic start to this merry December task.

I could read 73 pages, so that leaves me with 8,868 left, not the start I would like, but once I grab momentum this will flow better.

For today, my immediate goal is to finish the second volume of Peter David’s legendary run on Hulk, this, with the equally amazing Todd Mcfarlane, continue to read the next two issues of Batman: King of Fear, it’s always a delight to see Kelley Jones work on Batman.

And to top it off, the first issue of a pretty particular crossover Conan the Barbarian event, involving Moon Knight from Marvel Comics, and Solomon Kane, another of Robert E. Howard’s famous creations.

For now, I am off to read.


An epic December

I have finally finished with my Masters program, on Monday, I presented my final dissertation, it was a positive result, and I have officially received a passing grade.

With that out of my mind I can now focused a bit more on reading, and on this blog.

I have the intention make this December an epic reading event.

To start, I am 27 days behind my reading schedule for this short year.

My current total is 4,022 pages, and there are still 187 days left of reading, in order to get back on schedule my total for December must be 8, 941 pages, a gargantuan task to say the least.

In order to make this happen, I’m planning to intensify my comic book intake, and on the week of Christmas, that’s from December 21 to December 27, I will be doing a readathon of my own creation, with new challenges and surprises each day.

To start off this month with a bang, I will rely on my old friend Batman.

See you tomorrow for my daily update of how those 8,000 pages are coming along.

For now, I am off to read.


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