One down, two to go

I just finished the first , A Tolkien Miscellany, of the three books I set out to finish over my spring vacation break.

I still have two books and 951 pages ahead of me, 8 days of intensive reading in order to achieve this mini goal. To close out the night, I’ll try to make some headway with Dust of Dreams, currently on page 175 of 816.

Tomorrow it will be fully devoted to American Gods, currently on page 258 of 558, I have catch a good rhythm, and combining it with some comic books I can hit the over 150 pages mark for the fourth consecutive day.

On April 2, I’ll be posting how my numbers for this year had been progressing, my intention is to post every Friday about how the main progress of my journey to read 1,000,000 pages is shaping up.

This will include some projection of my finishing date, and the strategy for closing the gap, and getting up to speed with my long term goals.

Off to read.


One page at a time

I had a bit of progress with the three books I’m currently reading. Right now I have read 166 pages of the 1,271 left.

Today my focus will be the epic poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the translation famously worked by professor Tolkien, and contained in the book I started reading back on Tolkien Reading Day.

In the afternoon I’ll probably squeeze in a couple of chapters from American Gods, I’m currently on the second part, My Ainsel, which contain some of my favorite parts of the book.

And to close out the day, try to make some headway with Dust of Dreams, the most challenging read of the three.

My plan is still finish by April 7, that gives me 9 days, and after that see which path to take, finish off my journey thru Genabackis, or, go back to the mesmerizing world created by Robin Hobb.

So many possibilities, So little time.

Off to read.


A glimmer of hope

For the first time in 48 days I surpassed the daily total of 150 pages, the total for yesterday’s reading was 314, I think this is mainly because of two things.

Firstly, there was something, work related, that was buzzing around, you know when something doesn’t vibrate right, and you can almost physically see it, well that has been dealt with, and peace has finally settled.

The second thing is that yesterday marked the first day of the spring vacation, that for some of us in Mexico means a two-week break, and for me particularly means some intense reading.

I have some very specific goal, read the pile of comic books and graphic novels sitting on my nightstand, and finishing the 3 books I am currently reading, A Tolkien Miscellany, American Gods, and Dust of Dreams.

Hopefully I’ll finish this vacation period recharged, and with more than 20,000 of total reading for the year.

Off to read.


Tolkien reading day, 2021

Today we raise a glass to our dear professor Tolkien.

Today, in Middle-Earth History, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee destroy the One-Ring in the fires of Mount Doom.

So we celebrate by going back to our favorite passages and stories from Lord of the Rings, or any other of the magnificent work of the professor.

Today, I’ll read a couple of stories from a collection I have been meaning to delve into.

Off to read.


More fuel for the fire

Although my reading has not been the best,I treated myself with some new books, and other stuff from my favorite independent book publishers Paraiso Perdido.

I’m working thru their entire catalog, right now I own around 23 of theirs books, from various genres, and various authors.

I still have pending this month’s book from the reading challenge, Los dias animales by Jorge Zuñiga.

Off to read.


Comfort reading

This last few days have been a bit difficult, nothing completely catastrophic, but they have shifted some of things, and as with all changes comes a looming uncertainty.

In this times I go back to some comfort reading, for this occasion it is my favorite book, American Gods, the epic cross-country adventure of Shadow thru America, chasing old and new gods.

This is the first time I read it in Spanish, the other 4 times have been in the original English version.

Off to read


What day is today

After a year of quarantine, whe started limiting our activities on March 13 of last year, I’m starting to feel on a perpetual loop of time, for example this week is already on Thursday.

And my reading has been in the same mood, I finish last year pretty strong, but this year I haven’t quite catch a good rhythm.

I think that the lack of comic book reading has been a determining factor, so let’s change that, I’ll start with the last issue of The War of the Serpent, the unlikely crossover of some of Robert E. Howard’s creations with the mysterious Moon Knight.

Off to read.


Numbers: March 15, 2021

With only 83 days left on my year of reading, the ever present phantom of my total pages to read is more and more in my mind.

As I have explained before, there are two types of pages in my progress logs, net pages, which represent all pages that I have read, even if I haven’t finish reading that particular book, for example, I am reading a bunch of short story collections, and they are registered as progress, but they are not registered in my digital files until the final page is read, which are known to this project as registered pages.

For now, I am go into to focus on how many net pages I still have left to read, there are a few things that I haven’t got the chance to registered yet, but I am fairly certain that the 15,000 page mark for this year of reading is within grasp.

So, I have still 20,907 pages to reach this year’s goal, that’s around 250 pages per day, a gargantuan task but with the upcoming readathons I believe that something amazing will transpire.

As always my philosophy is the same, one page at a time, and day by day reading will get me there.

The focus is the 6,665 pages left on my March goal, and to help along the way, I started my day with some black coffee, and The Uncanny X-men.

Off to read.


1 down, 2 to go

Yesterday I finished the eighth volume of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Toll the Hounds.

It took me a couple of months, but I assure you it’s time well spent, this particular volume has a slow build, but in the last 200 pages everything collapses between undead warriors, dragons, shadow hounds, and the rise of the Crippled God.

I can’t wait to start with Dust of Dreams,and eventually with the last volume, The Crippled God.

I have 84 days, and about 1,800 pages to go, let’s get this done.

Tomorrow I’ll post my progress with this year’s reading goal, spoiler alert, it’s not going that good.

Off to read.


3 hours 4 minutes

I am fast approaching the end of the eight volume of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Toll the Hounds, and let me tell you it has gotten very intense.

Right now, I am on page 1159 of 1269, and if all goes well, I’ll probably be starting the Dust of Dreams as early as Sunday, originally I was thinking that around Tuesday, but with the pace increase, it will be done much early.

To close out the night, I’ll like to cross the 100 pages left mark so I can sleep soundly.

Off to read then.


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