That’s how you bounce back

I start this Sunday morning reading, the last day of week number 3 of the new year of reading , with a great sense of delight from how this week is about to close.

First, the side challenge, 52 books in 52 weeks, is now officially back on track, I finished the third volume of the Saga Seven Suns late last night, and I am more that eager to jump into the fourth book, Scattered Suns.

Kevin J. Anderson doesn’t let up in the third volume, there’s an endless stream of new elements and intrigues that keep pushing the story forward, and as with the ancient Klikiss ruins, every time someone turns a dusty corner there’s new player in the board trying to gain some kind of advantage, such an amazing universe.

The second things I have been working on this week is trying to get back on my reading schedule concerning the total pages for each week, last week result was underwhelming to say the least.

This week wasn’t the case, I already cover this week quota of 1,246 pages, the last three day have been and almost perpetual reading session with totals of 335, 202, and 455 pages.

I am aiming for my first 500-page day, and with this week’s weather forecast, the next 5 days of thunderstorms and isolated showers, it will seem that the perfect reading weather is upon me.

Let’s see how much of the 907 pages accumulated from the past two weeks I can chip away.

Off to read.


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