The first 5,000 pages

To write that headline is just the biggest breath of fresh air.

Everything has been going pretty fluid, I have enjoy some amazing reads, just finished the week of this week, Scattered Suns, with 3 days to spare, and naturally I’ll jump into the next one, the fifth volume of the Saga of the Suns, Of Fire and Night, love the name.

Each and every book of the series has only gotten more interesting, without any spoilers, I love the archaeological aspects of the explorations of the extinct Klikiss civilization, with each new planet where there are ruins sheds a bit more of their mysterious demise, and on the fourth volume, that last page cliffhanger got me reaching for the next volume.

It is thanks to these kind of stories that this year is going so well, the projections put me over the goal for the year, I have close the gap on my reading schedule, one day ahead in fact, to put it in perspective, year number four is my lowest page count of all, 8,730 total pages, only 4 weeks in I am 3,690 pages away to surpass it.

I love how things are shaping up.

Off to read.


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