January 2022 Recap

I´m glad to say that this January put me back on the right path to go get these years goals done.

From the two main goals for the month, reading 62 hours and 5,518 pages, were met with flying colors. Having a total of 72 hours and 6,000 pages.

Now going forward, I have quite the task for the upcoming months, but my approach is to take on the monthly task and try to get something to keep on chipping away those extra pages.

For February my goals are 56 hours and 4,984 pages. With only 4 full months and 6 days on June left for this year of reading, the importance of getting my numbers out of the red becomes top priority. Has you can see below, from August to September my projected number came really short, this puts 9,121 pages for the month of February in order to get back to balance.

Realistically my aim is to read close to 7,000 pages for February, and hopefully by May the total pages will balance out to close out the reach strongly.

Short month, big plans.

Off tor read.


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