50,000-page watch (February 8, 2022)

Today I start a new section to keep updated on what will become my best year of reading, that honor is currently hold by my first year of reading with a total of 47,705 pages.

With yesterday’s reading, finish the amazingly fun Reyes de la Tierra Salvaje by Nicholas Eames and the fourth volume of Attack on Titan, my total is now 40,802 pages, leaving me 6,904 pages to surpass my best year and 9,198 to reach the 50,000-page milestone.

For today’s reading, I’ll start with the next book set in the same world of the adventures of the famous mercenary band Saga, now with the story of the legendary Bloody Rose, judging by the previous book of Mr. Eames, it’s going an amazing read. To complement or better said, my in-between reading, will be the first book of the legendary run by Mike Carey on Lucifer, spinning off the pages of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, in my humble opinion, the greatest comic-book series ever written.

I’ll be updating every time there’s new pages registered, and hopefully come March 14, that magic number would have been reach.

Off to read.


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