Preparing for Tolkien Reading Day

There’s only a month left for one of my favorite events of my reading year, Tolkien Reading day, which celebrates the legacy and impact of the Professor Tolkien’s writing.

It is celebrated on March 25, honoring the day that Frodo destroyed the Ring of Power on Mount Doom, thus, vanquishing Sauron for good.

This year I have three options for the occasion, Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-Earth, The Book of Lost Tales Part One, and The Children of Húrin,the idea is to try and finish the book in one day, quite the gargantuan task.

In the upcoming days, I’ll decide which one to tackle.

For more information on the event, I recommend to visit the official website of The Tolkien Society, to find out the events they are planning.

Off to read


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