March reading report, and the 50,000-page milestone

I think, or at least I hope, that the results of the month of March are an indication of where my reading is going, not only for this dwindling year, but in the broader picture.

I finished with a total of 6,632 pages, that’s 1,114 pages over the projected total of 5,518 pages. This leaves 2,751 surplus pages from passed months, and 8,091 pages to get this year back in balance.

Now for the 50,000-page milestone, I must say that this one is really special, not only is the first time I pass this mark but it’s a benchmark for the upcoming 9 years of reading.

The honor of getting passed this very important milestone was the amazing graphic novel Snow Angels, created by two of my favorite creators, Jeff Lemire and Jock.

Hope is restored, and now to ho get those 64,000 pages.

Off to read.


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