Spring vacation mode, or, some crazy-stupid goals

I haven’t decided if this next challenge is crazy or stupid, heck, maybe is both, the important part is that I’m definitely doing it.

For the passed few weeks, I have been toying with the idea of reading three times the total weekly page quota for three straight weeks, yeah, I like that kind of thing with numbers.

That means that each week, my total will need to be 3,738, and 11,214 total pages for the three-week expanse. The perfect timing to close-out really early the total projected for the year.

Each week will earn me a badge, more on that later, and the rules are simple, three straight weeks, if I don’t get there, the game restarts, and the badges go away.

This week is shaping-up really good, yesterday, I had a total of 361 pages, and today, my total, with a few hours of reading left, is 337 pages.

Just 3,040 pages left to earn my first badge.

Off to read


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