This blog is dedicated to my journey through 1,000, 000 pages of reading. It also reflects my other passions like coffee, music, red wine, food, movies, hiking, chocolate, and of course books.

I’m more than glad to share my little nuisances with whomsoever is willing to listen (well in this case read).

This blog is mainly broken down in 5 sections:

  1. Numbers : In this section I will talk about how my goal to read 1,000,000 pages is going, from my day to day reading to any special events like readathons.
  2. Azriel’s infinite bookshelf : In this section I will talk about what am I reading, it will not be a review of books or comics, I can’t stress this enough, it is only what I liked about what’s on my reading pile, focusing on the general plot, the creative team, and my favorite parts.
  3. Caffeine pilgrimage: If there’s anything that comes close to love of reading is my love for coffee, and in recent years there’s has been a boom of great independent coffee shops in the binational region that I live, this includes our sister city of El Paso, Texas, this section will be focused on visiting each and every one to try new flavors.
  4. The Table : As with the coffee shops, our region has seen a new wave of locally owned restaurants, taprooms, and wine bars, with some amazing regional culinary proposal, this is a perfect time to share what our beautiful desert has to offer.
  5. Itineribus : This section will talk about our getaways, if it’s exploring our region, and all its magical places, to trips to larger cities all over the place, this section will act as an travelers journals of places, food, and memories of our travels

Sometimes, in my opinion, we feel the need to see if our voice creates some echo.

I only hope that you can take something positive about it. Or at least crack a smile.

I’m open to opinions and especially to recommendations for new books.
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I have two concepts about the pages I read, and I wanted to clarify it.

Net pages: This is the total pages I read on any particular day, usually, I use my notebook to keep my daily reading updated, this is really important to me because I can register any advance in a book or really long graphic novel as part of my daily reading.

Registered pages: This is the pages of things I have already finish, and they go on my digital records, this is only the pages of things I have read cover to cover, that’s why is so important to keep track of books or other media that I do not finish quickly on my physical notebook.

At the end of the day, I put a specific number of pages to read for each day, as long as I do this on my net pages read I am happy because eventually those books or graphic novels will become registered pages.

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