(Y-11) Continuing with the Bat-Family

Just finished the first volume of Batgirl, written by Hope Larson, I think this is the first time I read a solo story of Batgirl, which is unfortunate.

I’ll try to find more stories to read.

Now, I’ll continue my bat filled weekend with story of Bruce Wayne Murderer ?

Mainly a compilation, about 600 pages long, of early 2000s series of the bat-family, with the participation of writers such as Greg Rucka, Chuck Dixon and Ed Brubaker.

Let’s see how far I can get until I devote the rest of my evening to watching the final episode of Game of Thrones.


(Y-11) Some growth

Yesterday my reading went up a little bit.

My total was 68 pages, and at this moment I’ll take any kind of forward momentum.

I finished the second volume of J.H. Williams III Batwoman, honestly, what an amazing book.

Here you can see the infographic sheet generated with Bookly

Also, I started reading the first volume of Green Lanterns, part of the DC Universe Rebirth.

So, this weekend will be mainly for catching up with my reading, watching the Conference Championship Games of the NFL, and organizing my reading for next weekend’s 24in48 readathon, this includes finishing Deadhouse Gates, currently on page 455.

Well, now back to it.


(Y-11) can’t sleep, can’t read.

I am trying to take it slowly, ease into my reading rhythm from December, but I think it has gone too far and I am losing precious ground.

My total for yesterday was 41, better than the 14 from the day before that.

This mainly because a bit of my insomnia has been rattling around.

It basically turns my head into mulch.

Hence can’t fall asleep but I am not fully functional.

I have to get energy from my project and get back on track.

Fortunately, there are really cool things coming.

New winds.

New sections for the blog.

And a new life to old sections.

So, in the spirit of catching my rhythm again, I will close out the day reading some Batwoman, mesmerizing work.

And to put the cherry on top of all of this, I’ll read my quota of Deadhouse Gate.

Off to reading.


(Y-11) Old habits

Yesterday was back to old forms, that is reading a ridiculously small amount of pages.

My total was 14 pages, all of which from Deadhouse Gates, currently on page 421, and that only can mean that I have fallen behind of my book reading and my total pages.

With this, I have fallen 18 days behind my reading schedule and a small amount with my book.

But I do have one silver lining, with me finishing the first volume of Batwoman the 11,000-page mark has been surpassed.

I’ll grab this little momentum to get back on form, 146 pages a day and a little over 10 days to the 24in48 readathon.

Back to reading.


(Y-11) Some light

Yesterday was a good day of reading, not above my minimum for each day, but over 100 pages.

106 to be precise.

I finished reading Batwoman: Hydrology, what a fantastic book, beautifully executed.

I am going to start working on the second volume, and my expectation is really high.

I keep on working on the Deadhouse Gates, which by the way I accompanied with a really nice glass of wine, a present that came all the way from Italy.


I’ll try to make some headway tonight and push to catch my rhythm again.

Now back to reading.


(Y-11) picking up the pace.

I have reached my page quota for the day, on my book of course, and right now I’m working on the first volume of Batwoman, what a beautiful piece of work, and it also incorporated some Latin American legend, in this case, La Llorona.

I won’t spoil anything, you must definitely read it.

But going back to Deadhouse Gates, I am currently on page 407, past the halfway point, and it is getting more complex and exciting.

I think I’ll read another chapter of both Deadhouse Gates and Batwoman and then hit the hay because tomorrow it is the beginning of classes on my Master’s degree program.

Back to it then.


(Y-11) The end.

Just a quick update.

Yesterday marks the end of the 40-day streak or reading 146 or more pages a day.

My total was 61 pages.

I finished the fourth volume of Bloodshot and started reading the first volume of J.H. Williams III Batwoman, Hydrology, beautiful book.

I’ll try to pick it up again, but it was almost impossible to read at all yesterday.

Hopefully, this weekend will get right back on track.

Back to it.


(Y-11) In desperate need of a rhythm

Yesterday was another good day of reading, my total was 164 pages, but because I haven’t had a powerful reading spurt I am still 15 days behind schedule, as you can see by my daily total, I haven’t fallen behind anymore, but I cannot get that gap to reduce.

But I know that this consistency will help me in the long run.

So, yesterday I finished the fourth volume of the fabulous X-O Manowar, Homecoming, Robert Venditti is just built to write this type of stories, and as the end of the volume hints, it is all out war for Aric.


Here is the infographic sheet from Bookly, I grow more fond of this app every day.


On the book front, I had a decent amount of headway, 21 pages, and I am currently on page 313.

Almost on the halfway point, and trying to figure out how to get on the read pile by the end of the weekend, yes, now I am not so set on Saturday, by the end of the weekend will be fine.

With yesterday’s reading my total went up to 10,773 pages for the year, the thing that gives me some comfort is that I have surpassed my worst year of reading, which was year number four with a total of 8,730 pages, by more than 2,000 pages.

And there are still 277 days to go.

Also, I struck gold yesterday while perusing on the catalog of Kindle Unlimited, in one of those insomniac trances I usually get and found several volumes of Batwoman, Swamp Thing, Preacher and many other graphic novels I have been planning to read.

So, score.

With this new find, I think the next volume to read will be the Bloodshot.

Followed by two volumes of Batwoman, written by Haden Blackman in cahoots with J.H. Williams III, who also beautifully illustrated this terrific run.

Back to it.




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