3 days and 2,250 pages

There’s only 3 days on the month of January, well, 2 and the few hours left on this day, and I find 2,250 pages between me and the coveted 40,000-page mark.

That can only mean one thing, some intensive, caffeine fueled reading session.

In all my stats are looking pretty good.

What concerns my January goals for both hours and pages, I have successfully surpass both. Now my main focus is to take on the gargantuan task of reaching 40,000 pages. For that, there’s a couple of great reads to help me along the way.

Starting with the amazingly clever Reyes de la tierra salvaje by Nicholas Eames, book number 39 of the year, following the adventures of the rock-star mercenary band Saga. Its really refreshing to see humor thrown into the mix of an epic adventure story with such ease

The other is volume thirteen of the masterful Manga by Kentauro Miura, Berserk, what will be the faith of Griffith and the Band of the Hawk.

Quite the huge undertaking for the next days, but with only one short story left on the collection of stories of the wondrous Newford series by Charles DeLint, there’s are 414 page practically in the bag. Only 1,836 pages left to resolve.

Off to read.


Balancing act, part five

I am entering the final week of January, and it will be an intense one.

The two main things to consider for this week, firstly, and the one which holds great weight, is that I still have 3,394 pages left on my goal for this month.

Secondly, and something that will help greatly to achieve that monumental goal, is the first readathon of the year, the goal, 10 hours of total reading, this, from January 28 to 31, and of course using Bookly app to track the progress.

For today’s reading, at least what is left of the day, I’ll keep on pounding away on Toll the Hounds, currently on page 159, and read the last volume that I bought, number 8, of the mesmerizing manga Berserk.

For now, I am off to read.


Still reading

I’m knee deep in reading.

I am currently working on the seventh volume of the mesmerizing manga Berserk.

Tomorrow, I’ll update my reading tracking notebook, and see how this final leg of the month is shaping up, which includes the first readathon of the year, Bookly Winter Readathon.

For now, I am off to read.


Balancing act, part four

I’m getting my groove back.

The passed few days I have read over 200 pages, and started with a good pace the eight volume of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Toll the Hounds, currently on page 71 of the whopping 1,270, still, finishing this epic series is priority one of my current year.

This reading boost it’s thanks to the enthralling manga series Berserk, I have devoured volumes 4 and 5 in record time.

And for today I have volume 6 lineup, to continue Guts journey in his adventures thru the ravaged landscape filled with war and it’s demons.

Also for today’s reading I’ll revisit Grant Morrison’s run of Batman & Robin, with the legendary artist Frank Quitely.

I am moving up slowly on my total reading for January, there’s still 4,158 pages to go, and on the bigger picture, I still have 137 days, and 25,075 pages to go.

For now, I am off to read.


Balancing act, part three

Friday and saturday were a couple of slow days of reading.

I summed up only 133 pages, this leaves with 4,863 pages to read for the month of January, this over 15 days, quite the task.

For today, in between football snaps, for it’s the Divisional round of the NFL playoffs, I plan to continue on the 1,200 page journey of the next chapter of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Toll the Hounds.

In between the pages of this amazing series, I’ll continue my journey with Guts, in Berserk number 4

And the new series by Brian Michael Bendis of The Dark Knight, Batman Universe.

For now, I am off to read.


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