Of Forgotten Things

As much as I like to use digital mediums to keep track of my reading, currently, I’m combining some simple spreadsheets with the readmore app, nothing beats the ol’ reliable analog tracking in the form of a journal mostly adapted from the Bullet Journal method, and enriched with so many ideas you can find all over the internet.

But to be completely honest, my two reading journals for years fourteen and the current year fifteen, are not quite up to date with all the amazing progress that these couple of years have given me, and to do them justice I have decided to take upon nice self to right the situation. It will be a monumental task, but they surely deserve it, and plus, this will leave a physical manifestation of my beloved project.

The smaller one, with the crescent moon on the cover is my journal for year fourteen, it is a Tsuki Midnight Edition from Notebook Therapy the cool of this particular notebook is that it has black pages and it came with a set of gel pencils. The taller one is my current journal and it is a Classic Squared Notebook from Moleskine, a pretty elegant and reliable brand.

Over the year I have tried to develop a tracking method that is both clear with the data and also integrates some graphic elements to represent my progress.

An element that both journals have is this page depicting the days I have left of reading for the year, but also it doubles as a tracker of how much I read each and every day with a color chart that is easy to read, I treat it as a calendar that you check off each passing day.

A new element that I incorporated into this year´s journal is the colorful spiral that you see above, each square represents a number of pages read, and it helps me visualize my monthly progress in a clear and colorful way, and to be honest, filling those squares is both satisfying and relaxing.

There are other elements integrated into my journals and as always these analog logs are constantly evolving into what I think they need to be to better represent my journey thru reading 1,000,000 pages. I’ll share a little more inside this precious book, and hopefully inspire, as so many beautiful examples that did this for me, to pick up a notebook and scribble away your ideas.

Off to read.


Numbers: June 7, 2021

Today marks a very special occasion, the end and beginning of a year, number thirteen makes way for number fourteen, the first to start one day after my birthday and the inaugural year of my last decade to reach 1,000,000 pages.

Now for the update of my final numbers of (Y-13)

  • Total pages : 25,034
  • Best month: May, 2021 with 4,991 total pages
  • Worst month: February, 2021 with 1,688 total pages
  • Best day: November 8, 2020 with 710 total pages
  • Daily Average: 105 pages
  • Percentage read from goal : 66%
  • Total items read: 171
    • Books : 24
    • Comics: 76
    • Graphic Novels/Manga : 71

On my notebook, I have a page that I call days left, where I check off each reading day with a color that represent that day’s progress, from the dreadful 0 to the blissful 500 or more pages this is how it turn out.

Because it was a short year, I didn’t adjust the grid, hence the white mess on the page of the right, to resume my reading days where as follow:

  • O total pages: 3 days
  • 1 to 50 total pages : 79 days
  • 51 to 100 total pages : 60 days
  • 101 to 150 total pages : 50 days
  • 151 to 299 total pages : 42 days
  • More than 300 total pages : 10 days
  • More than 500 total pages : 3 days

As you can see it was pretty decent year, with the total from this year the goal to start off this decade of reading will be 64,942 for (Y-14) , and hopefully it will stay at least that number for the subsequent years.

On the broader picture I start this new year with some good news, the new date for reaching my first 500,000 pages, from which I still have 150,337 pages left , is October 23, 2026, a 32 day gain from the last projection.

Now for the golden prize of 1,000,000 pages, to my delight the projections puts it 8,538 days away, a 88 day gain from last projection, which would mean that the end date is October 22, 2044, that’s 4,888 days after the original plan, 78 days less that the last projection, to start this fresh year with such good progress it only predicts that this will be an amazing run.

As I posted before this year will be focused on Science Fiction books, I have some amazing things lined up, but to start, I’ll journey into the imagination of one of Kevin J. Anderson and the critically acclaimed Saga of the Seven Suns.

Let the festivities begin.

Off to read.


49 days

I am 49 days away from the end of my reading year, and consequently, my 40th birthday, and as tradition mandates, today I start preparing the notebook for logging next year’s reading.

I must say that this notebook is simply astonishing.

I bought it on the Notebook Therapy, a store that specializes in Japanese and Korean stationary, and it’s a special edition Bullet journal named Tsuki Midnight Edition, with the particularity that it has black pages, and comes with some really special vibrant pens that shine beautifully.

Right now I am working on the first pages that contain all of the basic information of the Notebook, like my reading list, days left, weeks, time periods, and so on, probably by tomorrow I’ll upload some examples of finished pages in all their black glory.

I’ll get back to chipping away at The Crippled God, currently on page 183, and try to sum up some more pages before this lazy Sunday ends.

As I said on previous posts, the 37,984-page goal is really far-fetched, but my intention is to get as close as possible.

Off to read.


(Y-11) Up and running

I started the year at the same pace as I finished last year.

My total reading for yesterday 248 pages and my total for the year went up to 9,506 pages.

I finished reading the third volume of X-O Manowar, still going on strong, I was amazed at how much I like it.

Also, I started reading what is considered one of the best comic book written by Warren Ellis, Transmetropolitan.

Spider Jerusalem has to go back to the city, and he is really pissed about it.

On the book front, I did something that hasn’t happen in a long time, read more than 25 pages in one day.

Currently on page 201.

Also, I had a bit of time and did some updates on my bullet journal.

Things are brightening up.

My goals of reading writing remain the same, try to read 146 daily pages and write at least once a day in this blog.

Now back to reading.


(Y-11) Shelves, Bullet Journal, and some reading

At one week from the beginning of this new leg of my journey thru 1,000,000 pages, I find myself slowly progressing thru my reading tasks.

This week was one with some physical adjustments to part of my book collection, this is because of thinking, for more than a year, of getting some new bookshelves for the living room, well it finally happened.

And as fast as the carpenter install them, they were filled up almost to capacity, I still have some room to squeeze book on double rows, but for now, I am pleased to finally have all the shelf space I envisioned when we first moved into this house 6 years ago.

On the front of my physical system to keep track of my reading, I am pleased to say that this year is looking like one that my bullet journal will not be missing any daily entry.

Now, for my current reading, I’ll start by saying that I am working on two books, Frankenstein: 200th Anniversary Edition and the first part of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Gardens of the Moon.

I was reading this book on my Kindle, but now with me organizing my new shelves, I found a physical copy that I bought about 12 years ago, needless to say, the physical copy will always win over any digital version of any book.20181021_093902-1884013414.jpg

Also, I finish reading Red Sonja: The Falcon Throne, an extraordinary story by Marguerite Bennett and beautifully illustrated by Aneke and Marguerite Sauvage.

Right now I am reading Red Sonja: The Art of Blood and Fire by one of my favorite comic book authors Gail Simone and illustrated by Walter Geovani and Ivan Rodriguez.


Now let us talk about the scary numbers for this year of reading, the situation goes as follow:

  • Total pages for (Y-11) : 394 pages.
  • Pages to go to achieve first milestone (10,000 pages): 9,606 pages.
  • Pages to go to achieve the main goal of the year (53,000 pages): 52,606 pages.
  • Pages to go to be the second-best year of reading (32,001 pages): 31,607 pages.
  • Pages to go to be the best year of reading (47,705 pages): 47,311 pages.

I started slow, but eventually, I’ll pick up the pace, and my main focus is to achieve 10,000 pages by the end of December, wish me luck.

Now back to reading and, to enjoy this cloudy lazy Sunday, which, consequently is my son’s 7th birthday.

I see lots of pizza and cake in our future.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-10) 33 days…let there be a light

This weekend I had a little breath and did some reading and started working on my bullet journal for (Y-11), the last one was an experiment.

I made some headway with The Wise Man’s Fear, currently on page 464, and finish the first manga of my list, The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.

So, this leads us to a quick recap:

  • Total pages for (Y-10) : 28,270 pages.
  • Pages to go to reach main goal of this year (read more than the two last years combined): 5,464 pages.
  • And lastly, Pages to go to reach my ultimate milestone (best year ever of reading): 19,435 pages.

Not optimal but not dreadful, I’ll shoot for 30,000 pages but with bigger goals in mind.

The other part of my weekend my next bullet journal took a little bit of form.

I wanted to have it ready so that I can fill it up.


For this journal I had the privilege of a fantastic artist, who is a very close friend, make a couple of pieces of some of my favorite books/movies.

I thank Horte Minguez for this fantastic pieces.

Need to read more.





(Y-10) 47 days…an involuntary hiatus

The past two weeks have been just a blur.

I started classes for my master’s degree, in Urban planning and development in case you were wondering, and to get the hang of things, this of course after 11 years of graduation from my bachelor’s degree, take a few time to get used to again.

But things are falling into place and I am catching my rhythm again.

I planned to schedule my whole day so I can squeeze in some hours of reading.

Of course, for the next two years, I do not plan to have gargantuan reading numbers, but at least decent ones.

So, I bought a daily planner and I am prepping my new bullet journal for the 11th year of reading, this two things will be my lifelines in order to achieve some decent numbers.

And talking about numbers, here is where I currently stand:

  • Total pages for (Y-10) : 27,283 pages.
  • Pages to go to reach next milestone (second best year of reading): 335 pages.
  • Pages to go to reach main goal of this year (read more than the two last years combined): 6,451 pages.
  • And lastly, Pages to go to reach my ultimate milestone (best year ever of reading): 20,422 pages.

Right now I’ll take some time to schedule my days and read a few pages of The Wise Man’s Fear.

Happy Readings and wish me luck.


(Y-10) 61 days… finding my zen

The hardest part, in my experience, is finding balance.

In my case, I am trying to find the balance between my beloved personal project and my beloved life.

So, in the spirit of my crazy ideas planning mind, I came to the conclusion that an exhaustive planned agenda is in order.

I will use both a conventional weekly planner and my trustworthy bullet journal to plan the shit out of my day and try to fulfill my reading goals without sacrificing the rest of my life.

I have some work ahead of me.

I’ll keep you posted.


(Y-10) an eventful post and the first 10,000 pages

It has been 9 days since my last post, I know that my tomorrow always turns out to be like a week later, but I love to procrastinate, it is truly one of my few talents.

So let’s take this one thing at a time.

First and foremost, I have been taking notes on my daily progress on those ruled yellow page ledger and haven’t updated my bullet journal since the second day of February. although, I am happy to report that my streak of 100 pages per day is alive and well. Actually, it is entering today, 31 uninterrupted days, this is partly why I have not been keeping my updates as tight as I should.

Here is my update up until January 31.



On the book front, I finished the ninth book of the Legend of Drizzt saga, up until now the series has not let up, is full of action, intrigue and well-rounded characters. And of course, I jump directly into the tenth book, Passage to Dawn, the drow menace ever present.


On the graphic novel front, I finally finished reading Batman: Elseworlds Vol. 1, is a collection of alternate Batman worlds and let me tell you, seeing this book makes me wonder of all the great Batman stories left yet untold.

With all this reading I finally reach the coveted 10,000 pages mark. I know there is a lot of roads ahead of me but I’m confident that this year with be a truly epic one.

With that in mind, a have a couple of things to announce, first, in July I plan to be part of this really cool readathon, 24 in 48, the main idea is to read 24 hours in a 48 hour period. You can break it down however you like, in one 24 hour sitting or over the weekend. The next one is scheduled for July 21 and 22 of 2018. So get your cozy reading chair and eyes ready.

The other thing is that I’m planning to catch some mountain air, probably somewhere between the end of March or the first weeks of April, and of course, I’m planning some mayor reading, so, for my total reading for the month of April, the goal is 10,000 pages. That is approximately  333 pages per day.

This kind of crazy ideas that are floating around my head is why I need to hoard a lot of reading material, because, I can plan to read lots and lots of pages but without so many fantastic books and graphic novels that will impossible.

That was my subtle way to say that I have some new acquisitions.

Two novels that are in my total epicness list for this year, The Name of the Wind and The Return of the Black Company. And the acclaimed graphic novel, Punk Rock Jesus.

And the cherry on the cake, the 200th-anniversary edition of one of my all-time favorite novels, Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus. Beautifully illustrated by David Plunkert, and let me tell you, it gives it a new dimension to this already beloved book, it still amazes me how it can resonate so much with our current status and even more to think that it was first published back in 1818.

Simply outstanding.

With all these new volumes coming into my already swelling bookshelves, I’m glad that my under the stair shelves are ready to use and of course already pack really tight.


For now, I leave you with a quick update for this, the tenth year of my crazy project. As I dive into my reading more determined than ever.

Total pages for (Y-10) : 10,071 pages

Pages left to read (Y-10): 86,695 pages

Days left in (Y-10): 244 days.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-10) epicness brewing

I have planned two days of pure epicness reading

My crazy plan is to read, or at least try, 1,000 pages in a two-day span, I know, fucking crazy.

I’ll probably post a couple of times each day to tell you about my progress.

Wish me luck.

On other matters, my bullet journal is coming along nicely.

Here are some new updates I have been working on.

Keeping daily progress, things have been a little red, but a sweeping block of blue is in the forecast.

These pages above is dubbed “the colossus of the wolf” in which, I keep track of the major goal of this year, reaching those 97,000 total pages.

I think if the goal is achieved, of course, a commemorative piece of art should be created, luckily I’m surrounded by really talented people.

And lastly, below you can see an example of my daily logs, I know a bit obsessive.


Now back to it, I have a couple of crazy long days ahead of me.

Happy Readings!!!



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