More fuel for the fire

Although my reading has not been the best,I treated myself with some new books, and other stuff from my favorite independent book publishers Paraiso Perdido.

I’m working thru their entire catalog, right now I own around 23 of theirs books, from various genres, and various authors.

I still have pending this month’s book from the reading challenge, Los dias animales by Jorge Zuñiga.

Off to read.


Esto no es una canción de amor by Abril Posas

I have finished the second book of Paraiso Perdido’s reading challenge, and the second one I read from author Abril Posas.

As with the previous book, El triunfo de la memoria, she evokes some really strong connections with the past, and how we create a mythology around our memories.

Growing up on the 90’s, and losing my mother recently, hit some strong emotional fibers, and I can safely say that I loved this book.

I also remember Eddie Vedder closing his eyes, letting the lyrics guide him thru the emotional maelstrom, and connecting with the music with music on a deeper level, making it my first solace and shelter.

For now, I am off to read.


Paraiso Perdido’s reading challenge, February

I have only 4 days to finish the second book of Paraiso Perdido’s monthly reading challenge.

It is the turn of the newest book by Abril Posas, Esto no es una canción de amor, which translates to This is not a love song.

And the fact that opens up with a quote from P.J. Harvey, it just it bodes good omens.

For now, I am off to read.


Books of (Y-13)

10 days into my new year of reading, and I haven’t yet completed my list of books.

I have been over all of my bookshelves, and decided to dedicate, in addition to the books inherited from last year, this year of reading to all my new acquisitions of my favorite Mexican publishing company, Editorial Paraiso Perdido.

Earlier on the year , I subscribed to it’s new books membership, which counted with 10 new novels to be release throughout 2020.

I still have 4 more books to receive, and in addition to that I bought some other that I found interesting.

Right now , as you can above, I have 10 great stories to dig into, and start things off I’ll read Serafina y el ardid insondable, written and beautifully illustrated by Diana Martín.

For now, I am off to read.


Azriel’s Infinite Bookshelf, El triunfo de la memoria.

Back in May I subscribed to a membership of my favorite Mexican Independent publishing house, Paraíso Perdido, with the pandemic ravaging thru the world it became more difficult to promote their amazing catalog so they propose a reading plan where you receive 10 books divided in three installments, El triunfo de la memoria by Abril Posas, was one of the books of the first installment.

Comprised of 11 beautiful short stories woven into a single idea, memory, from the fading memory of a favorite neighborhood bar and a very special second hand pair of Dr. Martens boots, a punk rock gig with a slight smell of fish, to Jerry Seinfeld has an Virgil like figure, this book explores deeply what it means to be, and how memory shapes our reality.

Because at the end : “la memoria es, siempre, la que triunfa.”

I encourage you to pick up this book, which is available in the Editorial Paraíso Perdido official store.

Now ,off I go, to look for my next adventure.


(Y-12) The day of reaching 20,000 pages and some Legenderry comics

I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

According to my calculations for this year of reading, I should have reached 20,000 pages today.

I am glad to inform you that now I am standing at 23,754 of total pages read for this year.

That means that I am 32 days ahead of schedule, the first time for my twelve years that I have been developing this project.

With the official announcement, by the Mexican government, of extending the date for social distancing until April 30th, I will keep on pursuing some side projects.

To start off, I will keep on pounding away on the idea of reading a book every week of the year, right now I have still 37 books to go, that gives me about 5 days to finish each upcoming book.

On that note, I have finished the final volume of the amazing Dragonlance Chronicles series, which at first glance feels I bit like your standard fantasy series, but at the halfway point of the second volume starts building upon itself, to finish with a powerful crescendo, that leaves you wanting more, fortunately, there is still a lot more stories to explore.

My next book will be from my favorite Mexican independent publishing house, Paraiso Perdido, this time it is Malebolge, written by Ruy Feben, a Dantesque collection of little snippets of modern circles of madness and horror.



On the comic book/graphic novel front, I will be going into the Steampunk universe created by legendary writer Bill Willingham, of Fables fame, in which he takes famous characters such as Green Hornet, The Phantom, Vampirella, and Red Sonja, all of them inhabiting an ever-expanding Victorian setting, in which, their stories intertwine.

I started with the Red Sonja miniseries, written by Marc Andreyko, and illustrated by Rodney Buchemi, and with some gorgeous cover by the incredible Joe Benitez, read his series Lady Mechanika.

This amazing material will help me with my second pursuit, reaching 30,000 pages by the time this scary situation permits us to go back to some routine, which we should really focus on not going back to “normal” but instead finding new ways to coexist in a healthier and more humane way.

I have 6,330 pages still to go, a big number, but it is doable.

Lastly, I have been running my numbers for my two major milestones of this project, reaching 500,000 pages, and 1,000,000 pages.

For what concerns my first 500,000, and according to my calculations, my new date for reaching this coveted number will be September 3 of 2027.

I have been gaining ground on this date, at the start of February of this year my estimated date was December 28 of 2027, that’s more than 3 months of progress.

The thing that really concerns me is the finishing date of my 1,000,000 pages, right now, according to my calculations, I would reach this coveted number on July 29, 2046, that is more than 15 years behind schedule.

The thing that gives me hope is that from the end of February I have gained 111 days, that is that I was 5,644 days behind on February 29, as of today, April 5, I am 5533 days behind schedule.

Little steps toward my bigger.

And with that in mind, I am off to read.

Stay healthy and safe.




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