(Y-11) ready for the weekend

I spent all my day dancing with dragons, and as I enter the weekend, I have little over 100 pages to go on Fire & Blood.

I plan to finish it by tomorrow and dive back into The Malazan Book of the Fallen.

I’ll make up in time and pages read on the weekend, as I enjoy a little get away.

Off to read.


(Y-11) feels like a pizza, red wine and reading kind of day.

I am still dancing with dragons, right now I am on page 494, still my plan is to finish it before Saturday afternoon.

So, I’ll ask assistance to my loyal friends, wine and pizza, and enjoy an afternoon of reading.

The other pleasant surprise is that, although my birthday was two weeks ago, the presents are still pouring in, this time in the form of Elantris by Brandon Sanderson.

Now off to read, but first pancakes.


(Y-11) dancing with dragons

Today’s has been, and it will be dedicated to exploring the bloody history of the Targaryen family.

Right now, I am in the pivotal part knowed as the Death of Dragons, an all out conflict between a Queen and a King, both blood of the Dragon.

This chapter of the history of Westeros will be remembered as the Dance of Dragons.

I’ll try to finish before the weekend, for a have a little get away planned.

Off to read.


(Y-11) A new week is blossoming.

Another week of reading is on it’s way, and I’ll keep on flexing my reading muscles.

This is part of daily regime to get ready for the next readathon.

As all weeks, I have the goals of 2,400 pages and 24 hours

I’ll keep on pounding on Fire & Blood, currently on page 396, and close out the day with The Dark Phoenix Saga.

I’m at issue number 5.

Off to read.


(Y-11) the weekend is here.

To say that I have fallen behind my reading is will be an understatement.

I have like 600 total pages, and more than 17 hours left on the clock.

The good news is that I have the whole weekend ahead of me.

And with some incentives to push along, in the form of chocolate and puzzles, I have great hope that I’ll get pass my goal.

I’ll read some of the Dark Phoenix Saga and get started with my new puzzle.

Off to read.


(Y-11) this evening’s reading

I am approaching the halfway point of Fire & Blood, little over 50 pages to go, and maybe I can close that gap a bit before succumbing to sleep.

Also, I will like to read the latest issue of Heroes in Crisis, well at least in the Mexican edition, which is number 5 of the series.

Off to read.


(Y-11) this morning reading and some unexpected birthday presents

I have wait out this morning in the house.

So, I’ll take the opportunity to read with a few cups of coffee and try to chip away as much as I can.

I’ll keep on going with Blood &Fire, which is amazing, including the great artwork by Doug Wheatley.

Also, the fourth volumen of Hellboy, The Right Hand of Doom, the Spanish translation, which hopefully will cover the whole collection of this amazing comic book, I’m still waiting for the fifth volume to come out.

Finally, I received a couple of amazing gifts from my friends.

A cup of those late night sessions.

And a couple of mini journals to keep on planning things for this blog.

Well now off to read.


(Y-11) not so hot

Entering the last day of this week of reading I find myself again lacking a lot of my goals.

I’ll power thru this day and see what comes out of it.

Now to read some of the Targaryen Family History

(Y-11) some of today’s reading

Early this morning, while having my first caffeine injection of the day, I read the second volume of Hit-Girl’s solo series, this time she visits the great white north,Canada, which is consequently the native country of the writer of this volume, Jeff Lemire.

And at the helm of the art is the Argentinian illustrator Eduardo Risso.

As always Hit-Girl delivers a bloody good time.

The rest of the day went between planning and reading some of the Targaryen family history.

I’ll continue with the fifth volume of DC Comics Rebirth Batman, with the always impressive work of Tom King.

Off to read.


(Y-11) tonight’s reading

I’m starting to pick-up the pace.

Today, I was reading some graphic novels based on the fantastic world of Dark Crystal, in case you didn’t see it, Netflix, just announced a 10-part series, Age of Resistance , coming out on August 30

So, I had to get back to it’s mythological beginnings.

For tonight my reading will consist of a couple of issues of the DC comics series Heroes in Crisis.

And I’ll keep chipping away at Fire & Blood.

And hopefully tomorrow I can finally fo an pages update.

Off to read.


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