A positive shift

This last few days I have been seeing a really positive shift in my reading.

I think that my new routine is finally paying off, this include exercise at least 30 minutes every day, because after a year of confinement I was started feeling really anxious.

Now my daily routine includes tending to the garden, experimenting on the kitchen, and lots of reading.

I hope to finish this year over the 20,000-page mark, and recharged to take on the final decade of reading.

This is highly motivated when I come across amazing things in my reading, this is the case of the series written by James Tynion IV, Justice League Dark, which has quickly become one of my favorites.

Yesterday I read the third volume, containing The Witching War, which to my surprise feature The Floronic Man, a constant antagonist of Swamp Thing, this book is really fun to read because it takes some DC comics obscure characters into the spotlight.

Off to read, and to keep the good reading rythm going.


(Y-11) finishing the night in good company.

My first day of summer reading is going pretty decent.

I am reading a bit of The Last Threshold, currently on page 282, and throwed in there a bit of Batman and a bit of Justice League Dark, which I am loving, definitely a cast of outcasts are my thing.

Next in line is the second issue of The Batman who Laughs and maybe another run with Drizzt before hitting the hay.

Let’s see how thing fare.


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