(Y-11) Old School Monday…Swamp Thing (1972-1976) #1

One of my favorite characters in all of comic books is Swamp Thing, he is up there with Hellboy and Morpheus.

But this comes as no surprise, it was created by a team of true comic book legends.

On writing there was Len Wein , not only did he co-created this amazing character, he also co-created Wolverine and served as editor of one of the most important comic books in history, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchmen.

And what to say about Bernie Wrightson, he illustrated some of the best horror comic books if all time, including a version of Frankenstein.

Below you can see the first time Dr. Alec Holland appears in all his swampy glory.

This first issue basically tells the tragic origin story of our anti-hero, and sets the mood for one of the best comic books ever created, not only in the original run, but also afterward, in the stories by Alan Moore.

The great news us that you can read this first issue for free on Comixology.

I suggest you do so, it would not disappoint.

Now off to read some more.


(Y-11) Old School Monday…Eternals (1976-1978) # 1

Hello again, as last Monday, today I pick up an comic released before 1981.

This time it was Eternals by the legendary writer and illustrator Jack Kirby, if you are not familiar with the “King”, well let’s say that he helped, along with Stan Lee, shaped comic-books as we know them.

This series is about some celestial beings than have come to earth as protector of humanity from their arch nemesis The Deviants.

This issue introduces The Eternals as this ancient mythological beings and a bit of their purpose and origin.

In the picture below you can catch some reminiscent of the Incan culture in the temple of the Eternals.

Jack Kirby’s style is so peculiar and original that you can see the influence still today.

Although this was a very short issue, only 17 pages, it gives you enough to pull you into the vast mythology of this elusive group of “superheroes”, which, are rumored to play a big role in the upcoming Marvel cinematic universe movies.

But until that becomes official you can read the complete series by Mr.Kirby, or, the 2006 series by Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr.

Both available at Comixology.

For next Monday I will read the first issue from 1972 of Swamp Thing.

Now I’m off to read and enjoy the soothing sound of rain.


(Y-11) Old School Monday…Green Lantern (1960-1986) #1

Welcome to the new addition to this blog.

Old School Monday.

In which, I’ll read a classic comic, the only condition here is that it has to be one that is prior to the year I was born, 1981.

To start off this new and exciting section I read one of my favorite comic books of all time, Green Lantern.

Written by John Broome and Murphy Anderson, we get to experience Hal Jordan getting the hang of his new powers, given to him by Abin Sur, and traveling to far away planet to install the Green Lanterns help.

In the helms of the artwork there is a legendary team of artist, Murphy Anderson, Joe Giella and Gil Kane.

Some of my favorite things of this classic comics, and something you don not see often in modern comics, is the thought bubbles of the characters, describing their deep concerns.

I found this issue on Comixology, I think some of the upcoming old school entries will be on digital form, except if I find some reprints.

The next Monday I will be entering the fascinating world of The Eternals, by the legendary artist and writer Jack Kirby.


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