A reading marathon before a reading marathon

It been quite sometime since I posted any updates from my reading journey, hectic is the word for the closing months of this year.

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, and the 10,000 plus pages that I have fallen behind on my reading, the natural decision to have an intense reading marathon is not only a great way to spent this lazy cold days but also a necessity to start the second half of my year of reading closer to my goal.

Thus, on December 23, starts my “8 days of readmass” marathon. But in order to read what I have in mind, which includes 3 books of The Witcher series, a great chunk of IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collections, and some Mangas that I have being putting off, I must first finish the two current books that are in my “currently reading” pile.

With both over 1,000 pages each, in order to have my proper marathon, I must have a warm-up run. The task for the upcoming days, with the help of the Readmore app, is to hit the daily total to finish by the start of the main event.

The two books in question are the Second Omnibus of Gotrek and Felix adventures, set the the vast Warhammer Fantasy Universe, which will only get bigger with Henry Cavill’s plan to develop with Amazon Studios a bunch of series and movies. The other book us the classic Border Trilogy by genius author Cormac McCarthy, set in the borderland of Texas and México, with the raw beauty of the desert landscape perfectly captured by enthralling writing of Mr. McCarthy.

So, the task for today goes like this

157 pages for Gotrek and Felix, and 129 pages for The Border Trilogy. I have already read a few pages, but not quite up to the needed task.

Let’s see how the day progress.

Off to read


More crawling, less walking

My recent progress with this year’s reading can be more accurately described as crawling more so than taking those little steps I so desperately need.

This week started with some pretty intimidating red numbers, 9,525 to be precise. Not a big shocker if your week finishes with a total of 412 of the 1,246 projected for each week.

But I’m not panicking, not yet, because even with the gargantuan task ahead of me, there’s still a little over 6 months to hit the mark.

The focus for the week will be twofold. Firstly, and as obvious as it may sound, read at least the 1,246 projected. Secondly, reach the number for these week’s “little steps”, roughly, a total of 1,642 pages for the week.

If everything goes well, there’s a big possibility that my “Magic Mondays” updates make a triumphant return. But for that to happen, I must go and recapture the missing magic.

Off to read


A, more or less triumphant, return

It has been more than a month since my last post, and things have been progressing not quite the way that I would have liked. Don’t misinterpret me, there´s has been some amazing days for my page count, but in all, my goal at this point of the game is still far into the horizon.

Let’s begin with the thing that concerns me the most, the 46 days that my reading schedule has fallen behind. By now I should be nearing 29,000 total pages for year 15. Although 20,181 it’s not a bad total if this pace is maintained, by the end of the year I’ll be looking at 47,046 total pages, again, not a bad result, but around 17,000 pages less than my projections.

The other spectrum that gives me a headache is the finish dates for the first 500,000 and consequently the full scope one this project’s namesake, the elusive 1,000,000 pages. Right now, my date for reaching the first monumental milestone is November 29, 2024, a full 19 months later than my original plan of reaching it by March 2023.

The whole enchilada is even more behind, 114 months to be precise. I’m looking to cross the finish line by November 2041, a full 9 years 7 months, and 16 days after my 50th birthday. But if these challenges didn’t present themselves, well, the whole spice of the thing would go out the door.

My focus is now pinpointed on taking little steps toward the bigger picture, to start, and hopefully, I found the one app to help me along the way, is to reach each and every day my minimal average, which is 178 pages, so far, at least for the month of November, this has been the case of 4 of the 12 days. The positive side of things is that my total is 1,615 pages and 11 hours and 23 minutes logged.

The images you see above are from the reading tracking app “Read More“, which has a very simple but effective interface that allows you to keep track without having to put a lot of time into updates, time that could be spent reading.

To close out this week of reading, my focus is to reach the total projected for the week, just 630 pages left, and hopefully add on around 242 pages which represent my “little steps” toward the bigger goal.

It’s good to be back.

Off to read



I didn’t not mention it ,but my grand total is currently at 436,557 pages, let´s go get those 63,443 pages

14 years ago

It all started on these day on a chilly night of the year 2008. The crazy notion of trying the herculean task of reading 1,000,000 pages by the time I turned 50.

I was 27 back then, now, at 41, my total pages, after 5,114 days of reading, is 432,997, this distributed between 4,135 different items ranging from books all the way to single-issue comic books.

In all, it has been an amazing experience. There’s a lot work left to do for the 3,163 days left until my 50th birthday, my main focus is to reach by March 20 of 2023 the first half of my goal, and then, the real challenge begins.

For now, I’m off to read.


Little steps

It has been an uphill battle to get back on track on my goals for this year’s reading.

But tbe start of one of my favorite months, which hopefully include a month long monster movie marathon, the traditional reread of Frankenstein, and more importantly around 7,000 total pages.

On that note, I’m glad to say that the first two days of October have surmount to a total of 579 pages, with room for a few more before the day is done.

My total for the year has surpass another of my milestones, 15,000 total pages. It is actually at 16,250. There’s still a lot of catching up to do, but as my mantra states “one step at a time, one page at a time”.

Now I’ll get back to trying to have a 500-page day, and getting to the midpoint of my current book, Cixin Liu’s fascinating tale, La esfera luminosa, my first book by this prolific author.

Off to read


A bump in the road, or, the chasm of my reading lately

The month of September has been underwhelming for my reading, this is putting mildly. Right now, I am 26 days behind my reading schedule, and have 13,742 total pages for the year fifteen of reading.

Coming off an incredible year, has those who read this blog would known, I had over 65,000 total pages of reading, and finally, for the first time in almost a decade and a half, read one book each week.

With yesterday’s reading, a pretty good 214 total page day,a glimmer of hope has peak thru the proverbial shit-storm that has been my reading, I know that sounds dramatic, but my average for the this month is an underwhelming 58 daily pages, this includes two days with zero total pages read.

What’s in the agenda, firstly, finish the amazing first volume of the Omnibus series of the Legendary character from the Warhammer Fantasy line, Gotrek and Felix, right now, I´m on page 620, right in the middle of our heroes dealing with the underground threat of the Skavens, the humanlike mutated rats that stalk the underbelly of the Imperial series, it has been quite frankly, some of the best adventure stories of recent memory.

After this, I’ll try to go thru my TBR pile from my Kindle Unlimited newly renewed membership, and get back to basics, read at least for 4 half-hour sessions during the day, and maximize my reading during waiting periods.

It´s off to read for me.


Holding my breath before the plunge

To say that this past August was one of the most hectic months of recent memory will be an understatement.It has been to my present and futures endeavors a game changer, which, I’m pretty excited to take on, but in order to get things rolling, my massive reading session had to be put on hold.

Much to my surprise, the momentum that was created in the first few months of the current year, didn’t suffer as much. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t fallen behind my schedule, but not as drastically as my busy mind imagine.

So, I find myself two weeks behind schedule, and my total is roughly above the 13,000-pages mark. How, you may ask, am I going to get back on track, fairly easy. I’ll start with my morning mantra : one step at a time, one page at a time, and from there, the lost terrain shall be reclaim.

To get the first leg moving, and getting back my purpose realign with my path, I’ll go back to a familiar and trustworthy friend, fantasy stories, in the shape of the first Omnibus of legendary characters from the popular tabletop game Warhammer, Gotrek and Felix, following the mishaps of the tough as nails Dwarf and his human chronicler/poet companion.

Right now, I am on page 317 of this highly entertaining adventure, and feeling my reading spark reignited.

Off to read.


10,000 pages

As I was saying on my last post, there was only the matter of tallying my most recent reads, and second milestone of the year was surely would be surpass.

According to my projections, the 10,000-page day is August 2, of the current year, achieving this a couple of days before is a first in all of my fifteen years of the project.

My current total is 10,827 pages, and my projections still put me over 70,000 total pages at the end of the year.

Off to read.


13 hours 51 minutes 25 seconds

With July coming to a close tomorrow, there’s still have one challenge left to round up what I set out to achieve for the month.

As you can tell, with the headline, what I’m referring to is my total hours for the month July, which 62 in total. Right now those pesky almost 14 hours are standing in my way to close out that particular challenge for the first time in this reading year

The good news are that my monthly page quota is now presenting a considerable surplus, 814 pages to be precise, also, I’m pretty sure that the next milestone, 10,000 total pages, has been reach, just have to tally the final three graphic novels that I read yesterday and today

Let’s see how many tomorrow starts, and how viable is it to cross that threshold.

Off to read.


First Blank Day of the year

Yesterday was, and hopefully the only one, the first day with zero pages read.

But fear not, this didn’t kept me from achieving this week’s quota and then some. With a few hours still left in this lazy Sunday, I have a total of 1,479, and 596 pages of surplus.

The passed three weeks my quota has been surpassed, and I intent to keep this steak going. Not to be cocky, but my aim is at the lower part of 70K of total reading pages.

Speaking of total pages, with 9 days left to the first 50 days of my year of reading, and to keep my superstitious mind at ease, I’m glad to say that there’s only 923 pages left to make officially this year not my worse one.

Off to read.


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