Into strange lands

As another adventure starts alongside the heroic Drow Drizzt Do’Urden, with the thirty third book of this amazing saga, Hero, the last book of the Homecoming trilogy, I feel the urge to find some graphic novels to complement the already amazing journey.

Luckily, I found four volumes on my digital library of the classic series of the Forgotten Realms, penned by the legendary Jeff Grub.

Let’s see how the weekend plays out, while a trek alongside this unlikely heroes thru the treacherous lands of the Forgotten Realms, maybe there’s some hoard of gold to be found, or better yet, some pages for my bounty.

Off to read.


Pure and unadulterated crazyness

I have been toying with the idea, for quite sometime, of reaching the first half of the 1,000,000-page goal by March 20, 2023.

This date seem a bit random, but I can assure you it is not. Between this date and my 50th birthday there’s a span of 3,000 days. This would mean, in the fortunate scenario that I do reach the halfway point by then, that my daily total would have to be around 166 pages

But I’m getting ahead of myself, first thing first, there’s the matter of 79,013 pages, and with my self imposed deadline fast approaching, only 263 days away, it’s time to plan out really rigorous my reading schedule.

To keep my spirits high, I’ll be constantly updating my task with a quick post every other day.

Thus it starts, with 79,013 pages and the clock quickly ticking away

Off to read.


11 hours 54 minutes and 22 seconds

As I predicted, achieving the monthly hours quota was a bit far fetched, and with almost twelve hours left, it has become virtually impossible. But, alas, I’ll give it my best shot.

The page count on the other hand, is just about to fall down, there’s only 147 pages left on the monthly quota. Even this close to the goal, I better not get so sure about myself.

To seal the deal, and to close out today’s reading, I’ll tackle the third volume of the Manga series, Dr. STone, a very clever take on a dystopian world filled with petrified people.

Off to read.


14 hours 31 minutes and 39 seconds, with a side order of 516 pages

There are around 52 hours left on the month of June, and there’s still some unfinished business with my projections.

The first part of the very long title of this post, the 14 hours and change thingy, will probably the most challenging one. I have a shoot if by tomorrow the clock strikes 12 hours or less, maybe there’s the possibility of squeezing 6 hours each day, a long shot, but not impossible.

The second bit of the unnecessarily long title, the one with the 500 pages, is the most realistic challenge to achieve. As things go on these evening’s reading, I’ll probably start tomorrow with around 300 pages left, for two days of reading it should be another normal couple of days.

Off to read, that the clock is not ticking away.


A little update on my “triple week”

The goal for this week is to read three times the weekly quota, that’s 3,738 pages for the whole week.

Well into Thursday, I have a total of 563 pages, a bit under the pace for reaching the quota once.

But fear not, with the looming weekend ahead of me, there’s still a small chance to get this done. For today there’s around 700 pages left to read.

Wish me luck.

Off to read.


Results of the 1,500-page weekend

Not the way I was wishing to start of my fifteen year of reading, but the important thing is, that all in all, there was chocolate cake.

This weekend, my very ambitious plan, was to try and do two things, read a total of 1,500 pages, as per the title above, and possibly one of those day could be a 1,000-page day, well, neither of those things happened.

My total was 491 pages, being Sunday the best day with a total of 316 pages. This result does not dent my enthusiasm to tackle the next challenge, which start today, read 3 times the minimal weekly amount of projected pages. This means that, starting today, and finishing on Sunday, I’ll try to read a total of 3,738 pages, quite the chunk of change.

To help me along this gargantuan task, I´ll read some of the graphic novel that where part of my birthday bounty. I’m particularly excited to read Polvo by Antonio Malpica, at a quick glance, it looks right up the alley of the fantastic movie The City of Lost Children directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

Off to read.


Day One Results: 1,500-page Weekend

Not the best outing for the first day of the first challenge of the year.

Finish with 142 of the 1,500 pages, although this wasn’t quite result , I did enjoyed some breathtaking illustrations by Alan Lee, personally, he has shaped the vision I have of Middle-Earth, more than anything else, this include the movies, which I love.

For today’s menu, a couple of Red Sonja’s graphic novels, and two volumes of Jim Butcher’s comic book adaptation of his famous series The Dresden Files, and obviously keep on reading The Fall of Gondolin

Off to read


This is how (Y-14) ended

Year number fourteen was quite the outstanding one, not only did I hit every single one of my milestone, but also had the good fortune to decrease, just a little bit, the minimal total for the upcoming 9 years.

My total was 65,799 of the 64,942 pages projected to achieve. For year 15, I plan to keep the same amount of pages as my goal, in the subsequent years, as long as the total surpass my projections, there will be an adjustment of said total, probably around year 17.

On my the 52 books in 52 weeks, I more than pleased to say that my total were 58 books, as listed below.

My total of items was 324, distributed as followed:

  • Books : 58
  • Comics: 79
  • Graphic Novels: 187

My reading was pretty much as projected, expect from the months of August to October of 2021, in which my pace dropped dramatically, but with months like April of 2022, being the best of the whole year with a total 7,894 pages, helped me pick-up the slack.

In all, it was my most successful year, not only as you can see reflected in the results, but in what this result reignited, the future is indeed, bright.

Off to read.


Pure Bliss

I did it.

I finally crossed the final milestone of the year, 64,942 total pages.

Actually, my current total is 65,150 pages, and with some days left on my year of reading, which ends on Monday, with my 41st birthday.

There’s still a full fleshed update of how things are moving along, but for now, my mind is fixed on other challenges.

Now the challenge is how many more pages I can rack up until then.

For starters, there’s one more book left on the list, Children of Blood Bone by Tomi Adeyemi, just a few pages in, and I’m hooked.

In between, there’s a whole bunch of graphic novels that I’m eager to read. I’ll say that maybe another 1,500 are in order to close-out the year with a bang.

Off to read.


The last breath before the plunge

With exactly one week to go in my year of reading, and 1,037 pages to get to the ultimate goal. I must remind myself to.

Take a deep breath.

Remain focus

And, most of all, DO NOT FUCK IT UP.

With this motivational speech, I’m bound to get pass the magic number. But you might ask, What are you reading to get pass this monumental milestone?

Well, let me show you.

I’m about 100 pages into the first story, chronologically speaking, of the now known as Star Wars Legends, in Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void, we follow the steps of the ancient padawans in their quest to become adepts of the Force.

To help along and motivate this final week, I went out and got some pretty interesting graphic novels.

This just fits perfectly with the 14 hours, of the 62 left for the month of May. I’ll push the envelope to get pass this year quota before the weekend.

Off to read.


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