The, seemingly, impossible task

One of the tasks that was in my January goals was to finish the two books that were put on hold for my holiday reading marathon.

Both books, The Second Omnibus of The Adventures of Gotrek and Felix, and The Border Trilogy by Cormac McCarthy, are over 1,000 pages each, and with 3 days left on the month, I have to rally in order to hit one more of my goals, I have already surpass the monthly quota, but that’s information for tomorrow’s post.

So, today’s targets are as follows.

Quite the task for these upcoming days, but with a high reward at the end of it, I’m more than motivated to get things done.

Off to read


Of Forgotten Things

As much as I like to use digital mediums to keep track of my reading, currently, I’m combining some simple spreadsheets with the readmore app, nothing beats the ol’ reliable analog tracking in the form of a journal mostly adapted from the Bullet Journal method, and enriched with so many ideas you can find all over the internet.

But to be completely honest, my two reading journals for years fourteen and the current year fifteen, are not quite up to date with all the amazing progress that these couple of years have given me, and to do them justice I have decided to take upon nice self to right the situation. It will be a monumental task, but they surely deserve it, and plus, this will leave a physical manifestation of my beloved project.

The smaller one, with the crescent moon on the cover is my journal for year fourteen, it is a Tsuki Midnight Edition from Notebook Therapy the cool of this particular notebook is that it has black pages and it came with a set of gel pencils. The taller one is my current journal and it is a Classic Squared Notebook from Moleskine, a pretty elegant and reliable brand.

Over the year I have tried to develop a tracking method that is both clear with the data and also integrates some graphic elements to represent my progress.

An element that both journals have is this page depicting the days I have left of reading for the year, but also it doubles as a tracker of how much I read each and every day with a color chart that is easy to read, I treat it as a calendar that you check off each passing day.

A new element that I incorporated into this year´s journal is the colorful spiral that you see above, each square represents a number of pages read, and it helps me visualize my monthly progress in a clear and colorful way, and to be honest, filling those squares is both satisfying and relaxing.

There are other elements integrated into my journals and as always these analog logs are constantly evolving into what I think they need to be to better represent my journey thru reading 1,000,000 pages. I’ll share a little more inside this precious book, and hopefully inspire, as so many beautiful examples that did this for me, to pick up a notebook and scribble away your ideas.

Off to read.


Today’s Target

In order to reach the ultimate goal of this project, one word should be the main axis of each and every day, Consistency.

Fortunately, and with the help of the Readmore app, this first month of 2023 has been showing some signs of what my reading is supposed to be.

Thanks to one of the feature of the app, I can set daily targets not only for the total pages for day, but also for each individual book, this gives clear daily goals in order to meet my self imposed deadline

For today’s reading, these are my goals.

The daily goal will always be the main focus, those 180 pages are the minimum required to crossed the 1,000,000 pages threshold by my 50th birthday.

Off to read.


A, more or less triumphant, return

It has been more than a month since my last post, and things have been progressing not quite the way that I would have liked. Don’t misinterpret me, there´s has been some amazing days for my page count, but in all, my goal at this point of the game is still far into the horizon.

Let’s begin with the thing that concerns me the most, the 46 days that my reading schedule has fallen behind. By now I should be nearing 29,000 total pages for year 15. Although 20,181 it’s not a bad total if this pace is maintained, by the end of the year I’ll be looking at 47,046 total pages, again, not a bad result, but around 17,000 pages less than my projections.

The other spectrum that gives me a headache is the finish dates for the first 500,000 and consequently the full scope one this project’s namesake, the elusive 1,000,000 pages. Right now, my date for reaching the first monumental milestone is November 29, 2024, a full 19 months later than my original plan of reaching it by March 2023.

The whole enchilada is even more behind, 114 months to be precise. I’m looking to cross the finish line by November 2041, a full 9 years 7 months, and 16 days after my 50th birthday. But if these challenges didn’t present themselves, well, the whole spice of the thing would go out the door.

My focus is now pinpointed on taking little steps toward the bigger picture, to start, and hopefully, I found the one app to help me along the way, is to reach each and every day my minimal average, which is 178 pages, so far, at least for the month of November, this has been the case of 4 of the 12 days. The positive side of things is that my total is 1,615 pages and 11 hours and 23 minutes logged.

The images you see above are from the reading tracking app “Read More“, which has a very simple but effective interface that allows you to keep track without having to put a lot of time into updates, time that could be spent reading.

To close out this week of reading, my focus is to reach the total projected for the week, just 630 pages left, and hopefully add on around 242 pages which represent my “little steps” toward the bigger goal.

It’s good to be back.

Off to read



I didn’t not mention it ,but my grand total is currently at 436,557 pages, let´s go get those 63,443 pages

50,000-page watch (February 16, 2022)

As the clock ticks away, I find myself with only 26 days to get back on track with my reading goal for the year. Currently, my total is 41,539 pages, that means that I still have 8,641 in front off me to finish this leg of the journey.

The culprits for the 737 registered pages for this week of reading where Neil Gaiman’s amazing novel El océano al final del camino, and Mike Carey playing in the world created by Neil in the first volume of Lucifer’s solo series.

For this week’s reading, I´ll continue with Mike Carey’s run with Lucifer, start a new series science fiction series, The Wild Storm, by acclaimed author Warren Ellis, and close out Nicholas Eames’ Rosa La Sanguinaria, currently on page 273 of 533.

I’m aiming for a week over 1,200 registered page, with daily average needed of 330 pages, is the least I can do.

Off to read.


3 days and 2,250 pages

There’s only 3 days on the month of January, well, 2 and the few hours left on this day, and I find 2,250 pages between me and the coveted 40,000-page mark.

That can only mean one thing, some intensive, caffeine fueled reading session.

In all my stats are looking pretty good.

What concerns my January goals for both hours and pages, I have successfully surpass both. Now my main focus is to take on the gargantuan task of reaching 40,000 pages. For that, there’s a couple of great reads to help me along the way.

Starting with the amazingly clever Reyes de la tierra salvaje by Nicholas Eames, book number 39 of the year, following the adventures of the rock-star mercenary band Saga. Its really refreshing to see humor thrown into the mix of an epic adventure story with such ease

The other is volume thirteen of the masterful Manga by Kentauro Miura, Berserk, what will be the faith of Griffith and the Band of the Hawk.

Quite the huge undertaking for the next days, but with only one short story left on the collection of stories of the wondrous Newford series by Charles DeLint, there’s are 414 page practically in the bag. Only 1,836 pages left to resolve.

Off to read.


Now, for my next act

As I update my reading number in my digital files, the realization that the next milestone, 40,000 pages, is not that far off. Only 2,717 pages are between me and that coveted goal.

I have planned to reach it by the end of this month, being that only 6 days away, I think to myself.

Don’t mind if I do.

That would mean that I need 452 daily pages to do so, bit of stretch for the weekdays, but anything left hanging, I’ll cover it on Saturday and Sunday.

Below you can see how my goals are shaping-up.

The only goal met are my reading hours for January, but everything near or over 50%, which is things pointing in the right direction.

Off to read


First week of 2022

To start off this new year’s, I’m trying out a new app to keep track, on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, how my reading is going. Also, some daily habits in order to the main objectives.

The app is called Goals , and you can keep track in different measurements, like pages, books, quantity, time, and many more. This gives me an instant sense of how things are shaping up, and if I need to pick up the pace in anything that’s slacking.

To start off, there’s 2 daily habits , read 178 and read for 2 hours.I must hit at least once a day.

And 4 main objectives, that go from the total of pages for year fourteen, thru my weekly minimal quota, and my goals, in pages and hours, for the month of January of this year.

I’ll be updating the monthly and weekly objectives as needed, and hopefully that red bar that stands out will be full come June 6.

Off to read.


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