That didn’t turn out as expected

My grandiose plan didn’t turn out quite as I expected. My total for yesterday was 247 pages, not quite the 580 to get my total left for the month of February under 1,000 pages.

Some positive news is that the short story collection, The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams, is on my read pile. Today a new book takes its place, Criaturas Fantásticas, a compilation a stories by non other that Neil Gaiman himself, which includes a story penned by Neil.

For today’s reading, and the first tale of the book, Gahan Wilson’s story named only with a heartbeat line, really Prince like.

Hopefully, I’ll also start a new book today, with Nicholas Eames’ Rosa La Sanguinaria only having 43 pages left, the next book on the queue is Robin Hobb’s Royal Assassin, the second volume of the Farseer Trilogy,

Lots to achieve today.

Off to read.


40,000-page watch (February 3, 2022)

I’m edging ever closer to my next milestone, 40,000 pages

Today starts with a total of 38,830 pages, that leaves 1,170 pages to reach, a very obtainable goal for this week’s reading.

Fortunately, we woke up to a little bit of snow, and that means that it’s a day to stay under the cover, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and of course some long reading sessions. I have some interesting things to read, Shaman King Vol. 1,Attack on Titan Vol. 2, and Bloodborne Vol.1, all of them from my Kindle Unlimited subscription. Also, I’ll try to make some headway with Reyes de la tierra salvaje, currently on page 202 of 528.

For my daily on-going challenge, one short story a day, I just finished reading today’s entry from The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams, a poem, Joy Divided by Douglas E. Winter, and Triad by Janny Wurts, marking a 27 day streak.

Off to read.


Short story challenge, the comeback

With the beginning of each year come new ideas and challenges to make this project just a bit more fun.

One of these challenges, which is an old one, is reading one short story per day from the an array of anthologies that have been sitting on my shelves far to long.

To restart the challenge I have selected three books, the first, and with just a few story left, is the classic collection by brilliant writer Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man, to follow this tough act, Dreams Underfoot, a collection of short stories that its said to be the best starting point to Charles de Lint’s enigmatic series of Newford, and to top it off , the return to the dark crevices of the classic graphic novel by James O’Barr, The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams, a collection of poems and short stories from famous writers and musicians.

Today’s story is The City from Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, Can a City wait patiently for thousands of years to be inhabited?, let’s find out.

Off to read.


Showing some results

It will appear than my change of strategy has paid off, in the last two days I went on Toll the Hounds from page 1043 to 1102, that’s 15 pages more than expected.

I know is not that much, but with the way I was reading it’s a great improvement, if I keep this pace up, I’ll be starting with Dust of Dreams by next Tuesday.

For today’s complementary reading I’ll go back to my favourite barbarian with tale Rogues in the House, originally published in Weird Tales of January 1934.

I’m feeling than my pace and energy has been renewed.

Off to read.


Change of strategy

In my pursuit to try and finish my current book, Toll the Hounds, I breached the most important thing that I promised myself when this project started, to have fun.

I was viewing this like a short race, when it’s in fact a Ironman marathon of reading, and if I’m not having fun, what’s the point.

So I’ll change how to finish on of my main goals of the year, to finish The Malazan Book of the Fallen, right now I’m on page 1043 of Toll the Hounds, and still have 2 more books to read, The Dust of Dreams, 816 pages long, and The Crippled God, 908 pages long and the final chapter of this epic saga.

With this numbers in mind, I will have to read about 22 pages per day in order to finish by the end of this year of reading, which is on June 6.

In between those pages, and hopefully getting really close to my total goal of 37,984 pages, I’ll read everything and anything at hand.

To continue with my goal of one short story per day, I’ll read the next fantastical story from the Wizards anthology, written by Elizabeth Hand, and on the neglected department of graphic novels, I’ll continue with the second volume of Cullen Bunn’s Uncanny X-men run.

Off to read.


Short story challenge, day 28

I’m back on the saddle again, and with a lot of help needed to reach my reading goal, this side challenges always give me a breath of fresh air.

For today’s story, I’ll go back to adventuring with the legendary barbarian in The Pool of the Black One, originally published in Weird Tales of October 1933.

Let’s get those pages, off to read then.


Short story challenge, day 18

I’m back after a forced hiatus, and to be completely honest, I haven’t read all these days, but hopefully I’ll pick right up where I left off.

For today short story I come back to the adventures of The Cimmerian, today’s tale is Iron Shadows in the Moon, originally published in Weird Tales of April 1934, where Conan faces the deathly Red Brotherhood.

For now, I am off to read.


Short story challenge, day 11

I have been crazy busy, but no so much that I couldn’t read for a little bit.

The last two days I completed my task of reading a couple of short stories, still working on Wizards and The Coming of Conan The Cimmerian anthologies, on thursday was the turn of Conan, with the story of The Scarlet Citadel, in which our friend The Cimmerian is already king.

Yesterday’s story was from Wizards, The Ruby Incomparable, written by Kage Baker, in which two unlikely forces come together and create a world changing creature, I loved how the story develops so beautifully in such short number of pages.

For today I’ll go back to our friend the Barbarian, and one of his most iconic adventures, Queen of the Black Coast, with the mystifying Pirate Queen B├¬lit.

I am more than thrilled of how this little project is going, I have only missed one day, and to find, hidden away in my bookshelves, more short story collections, gives me great hope of finishing successfully.

Lots of adventures ahead of me.

For now, I am off to read.


Short story challenge, day eight

I have forgotten how good was the story The Tower of the Elephant from Conan The Cimmerian, it showcases some of the weirdness of the creatures from the vast menagerie that The Barbarian faces.

Today, I went back to Wizards anthology, to enjoy a fantastic tale by Mary Rosenblum, involving wizards, fading building, and the color of words.

On another note, I am very excited to tell that I have found a couple of new books of short story collections, I’ll share them tomorrow.

For now, I am off to read.


Short story challenge, day seven

After I few hiccups, and one missed day, I am back on track with my mini project, the last story I read, Holly and Iron, from the anthology Wizards, written by Garth Nix, made me want to get into his alternative reality of the magical Ingland, and it’s already on my never ending wish list.

Today I will be going back to the adventures of The infamous Cimmerian Conan, this time is Tower of the Elephant, first published in Weird Tales of March 1933.

For now, I am off to read.


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