(Y-11) 41 days…an update

This weekend was kind of a slow one.

Took some time to regroup from the crazy week I had.

My reading was decent, in progress, but really rich in content.

So, here are my numbers.

Total pages read in (Y-11): 42,588

Pages to go to reach this year’s goal (53,000): 10,412

Pages to go to surpass my best year of reading (47,705): 5,118

On what concerns my reading schedule, I am 33 days behind and gained some ground on the end date of reaching 500,000.

It came down to July 19,2028 from July 24,2028.

As I said before, any ground gaining is a source of joy.

The plan is to at least move this date to 2024, and those last 7 years until my 50th birthday, I will have to read my ass off.

My immediate goal is to reach 43,500 pages, which is the original total I calculated way back in the day that I started this crazy project, basically, I need that number in order to reach my coveted goal.

Now, it is way more than that.

And with that in mind, I am off to read.



Due to some technical problems with comixology account, there will be no old school monday.




(Y-11) 43 days…crazy week

This has been a very hectic but really fulfilling week.

We had the chance to roam around our fair city, Ciudad Juarez, with renown  Italian professor Francesco Careri .

In our particular outing, we took them to see the border wall and all of the art manifestations people do in this controversial structure.

In all, it was a really unique experience that we will cherish forever.

But with all that running around, I could read only a little.

So, here is where I stand with my numbers.

I have a total of 42,241 pages for this eleventh year of reading, I still have 10,759 pages to read to reach this year’s goal, and 43 days to do it.

I am still 33 days behind my reading schedule, and on reaching my next milestone of reading, 500,000 pages, I have gained a bit of ground, now it is on July 24, 2028. That’s 2 days less than the last time I checked, as I said before, any small motion forward is appreciated.

Now I’ll work on the first volume of the classic Italian supernatural adventure comic Dylan Dog and keep pounding away on House of Chains, the fourth volume of the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Off to read.


(Y-11) old school monday…Detective Comics(1937-2011) #38

Hello, and welcome to another old school Monday.

This time I read the origin story of one of the most iconic sidekicks in all of comic book history.

I am of course referring to the Boy Wonder himself, Robin.

No other than Dick Grayson, the original Robin.

He is adopted and trained by Batman after his parents, the trapeze artist known as the flying Graysons, fall to their tragic death, and as it is later discover, it was the work of mobsters, which, again, play the role of villains, no quirky costumed villains yet.

This is an early title of the adventure if the dynamic duo, and on this time period, they shared this comic book with another more classic Detectives.

To me, Dick Grayson, is one of my favorite characters of the Bat-Family, but not quite on this personification, it will come later, when he turns into the rogue superhero, Nightwing.

For next week old school Monday, I’ll dabble into the first appearance of what it is consider the most iconic villain in Batman’s history.

See you all next week.

Off to read.


(Y-11) 48 days…daily update

I had a fairly good weekend of reading.

So, I reached 41,871 pages of total reading for this year.

That leaves me with 5,834 pages to reach my best year, and 11,219 pages to reach my ultimate goal for this year.

With this reading, I have reached 274, 898 of total pages in this my crazy little project.

On the subject of my reading schedule, I am still 31 days behind, but on a bright note, I have gained some ground in my next major milestone, reading 500,000 pages.

Well, the end date was July 31, 2028, and now it is July 26, 2028.

I’ll take those 5 days and work to get that date closer and closer each passing day.

For today’s menu, some of the visionary work of Peter David.


Off to read.


(Y-11) 49 days

I read 130 pages yesterday.

That gives me a total of 41,505 pages, and 11,495 pages to reach my final goal.

Today will be a Dragonero and Dylan Dog kind of day, I’ll try to relax because we have a big week ahead of us, but more on that as the week progress.

On another note, I love football almost as much as reading, let’s say it is a close second, and my team, the Indianapolis Colts, announced the surprising retirement of star quaterback Andrew Luck.

This is really sad, but I get it, he has being battling serious injuries, which didn’t let him go out and play at his full potential.

I’ll miss seeing him in blue every Sunday.

But the coolest thing about Andrew Luck is outside football, he has an amazing book club, in which each month he has a new book challenge.

With a bit of sadness, I am off to read.


(Y-11) 50 days

The day is has finally arrived.

It is go time.

With 50 days left on my reading year, and with a total of 41,425 pages, I have this final leg to go get that ultimate goal.

11,575 pages to go, 50 days to do it.

This calls for daily updates and long nights of reading.

Today, I’ll start with some new comic books, and try to hit the 240 page mark for the day.

Off to read.

(Y-11) Lights on

Finally, after 14 hours, the lights, and more importantly the A/C has comeback on.

Hopefully it will stay that way, and with the final days of reading before I hit the mark of 50 days to go on my year of reading, I’ll try to get down my total left to 11,000.

As I did yesterday, I will continue with the second volume of the graphic adaptation of the legendary Elric.

As the night falls, and heat does not gives in, I’ll be better be off to read.


(Y-11) Lights out

For the second night in a row we have experienced a total blackout, this means no A/C , and with the weather nice and crisp around 31 degrees Celsius, about 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

So what better way to forget this heat than with a sweaty midnight reading.

Because the lights are out and the batteries on my reading lamp are going out, I’ll have to read on my cellphone.

For this candlelight evening there is going to be a special guest, Elric of Melniboné.

The legendary albino created by Michael Moorcock.

Let’s hope the lights come back soon, if not at least I’ll have some great company.

Off to read.


(Y-11) old school Monday…Detective Comics (1937-2011) #27

Hello, and welcome to another old school.

Today’s entry is about the legendary Dark Knight, and he’s first appearance on number 27 of the famous series, which recently reached number 1000, no easy feat.

In his appearance by Bat-Man, as he is referred to, we see another legendary character from the Batman mythos, Commissioner Gordon, as he is having a conversation with young Bruce Wayne, he is call to serve a murder.

Wayne jumps into action and stops the diabolical plots of the very dangerous Crime Syndicate.

One thing I can see in this early superhero comics is the lack of the archetypal villains we are used to now, all fun of bravado and colorful costumes, the villains in this early stories are represented mainly by mobsters or really greedy sons.

But as with any Batman stories I always enjoy seeing the Dark Knight in action.

This story was first published on March, 1939 and it began a history than that this year turned 80 years old.

The creation of Bob Kane and Bill Finger is more alive than ever, and with some amazing writers and illustrators still passionate about this character, it will be no surprise that in future generations they will celebrating another 80 years of stories.

Next old school Monday will stay with in the Bat Family, for now I’ll keep it a surprise.

Off to read.


(Y-11) 55 days left…forward progress

Starting this week with some very specific goals in mind.

But first off, let me talk about my current numbers.

My total for the year is 40,756 pages, that means that I have 12, 244 pages left to reach my ultimate goal of 53,000 pages for the year.

In other numbers, I have 6,949 pages to read for me to surpass my best year of reading.

I am 31 days behind my reading schedule, and I have gained 10 days in the end date for reaching 500,000 pages. It went down from August 21, 2028, to August 11, 2028, little steps forward.

With that in mind, I have an immediate goal for this week, to have 11,000 pages to read before I have 50 days left on my reading, which is on Saturday of this week.

That means that I have the better part of five days to read 1,244.

The current graphic novel I am reading, The Complete Okko, will give almost half of that number, and with my never-ending list of things to read, I am sure that it will not present any difficulties.

Today’s old school Monday will be short but sweet, but more on that later.

Now, I am off to read.



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