(Y-11) Between rocks and places filled with memories

I needed to disconnect and reconnect.

And there no better way than to go back to my beloved desert.

I did some wandering around, read for a bit, but most of all enjoyed nature.

So, no worries about pages or clocks, just time to be in the moment.

Now I’ll try to finish Fire & Blood and keep on enjoying my time.


(Y-10) On the road

The first day of our getaway was an astounding success.

We visited the gorgeous National Park of White Sands in New Mexico.

I’m in love with the desert, it calls to me quite strongly and being surrounded by such breath taking beauty it just make my day.

We walked bare footed in the smooth pure white sand and reconnected with nature, which, if you ask me, was long overdue.

So, day one is done, now to relax, get some rest and read for a while.

Anxious to what tomorrow stores.

happy readings!!!


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