7 down, 45 to go

I have just finish what was the perfect finale of such an amazing series.

With The Ashes of Worlds, all the tension and conflicts building thru-out six books come crashing down, being honest, and not quite sure in how being one of the shortest books in the series, 512 pages, Mr. Anderson handles all the lose ends beautifully, without feeling the conclusion is rush or for sake of closing out the story.

My favorite parts of the series are the ones involving the idea of the keepers of the memory or history of the various civilizations, the name of the series comes from the grand epic of the Ildiran Empire named Saga of the Seven Suns, were the Rememberers, the equivalent of the human historian, pour all the great deeds of their vast history for all the population to learn, this is kind very similar to the Poetic Edda of the Norse Mythology, full of figures that time have transform into long lost memories.

It’s only fitting that the series finish with the creation of a new record of an ancient civilization’s story, I will not spoil anything further that that, you should really give read this amazing story.

The thing that I think reverberates the most is that inside the keeping and telling of this stories there’s the ever present phantom of the “fabricated reality”, all thru-out the books, and from all the civilizations involved, there’s some time of manipulation of information to create animosity against what is perceive as foreign or different, something that affects our world so deeply, and even in the face of imminent destruction, they can’t put their differences behind and fight the common threat.

That is what makes this type of stories feel so real and hopefully more of us can learn that there are more things that binds us as sentient creatures, and that being a green priest from Theroc, or a Roamer from Kanaka is merely circumstantial.

I highly recommend any work from Kevin J. Anderson, but this saga in particular will hold a special place in my heart, those types of books that eventually you come back to them or share with your grandchildren.

Now I am off to read my next book, Exhalación by the master of Science Fiction Ted Chiang.


5 down, 47 to go

I just finish the fifth volume of the Saga of the Seven Suns, Of Fire and Night, and I was wondering, with only a few chapters left, how there’s still two more books.

It would seem that this clash between humanity and this elemental forces scattered thru the universe was coming to it’s climatic, and with the last paragraph, an old player comes swarming back to reclaim the universe.

Didn’t see that coming, well played Mr. Anderson, well played indeed.

And as any reader worth its salt, I prepared a fresh batch of coffee and started the sixth volume, Metal Swarm.

That throws my plans for an early bedtime out the window.

I’m really happy with my reading pace, it helps a lot to be devouring such amazing books, thanks to this I have 9 days to read 622 pages, with sights on finish the whole saga by Wednesday, but let us not get ahead of ourselves.

Off to read.


3 hours and 50 minutes

I am currently enjoy a great pace on my reading , this is of course thanks to the amazing series of the Saga of the Seven Suns, Kevin J. Anderson sure can capture your imagination with his vast and rich world.

Of the seven books, I am currently on page 452 of the fifth volume, Of Fire and Night, and according to my Kindle there’s 3 hours and 50 minutes left on the book.

Let’s see if I can start tomorrow’s reading with the sixth volume, Metal Swarm.

Off to read.


Azriel’s Infinite Bookshelf: A reading conundrum

I finished the amazing Halloween by legendary writer Ray Bradbury, and may I say that it was the perfect book for this time of year.

My next adventure is the third book of the Companions Codex, Drizzt and the Companions of the Hall face the biggest war ever to hit Faerûn.

My next step in my perpetual list presents me with a conundrum.

Do I finish my trek thru Genabackis?

This will take thru 4 more books, being the next volume Reaper’s Gale, pictured above.

Or do I head for the stars and journey to find lost civilizations in the Saga of the Seven Suns ?

This journey will take me thru 7 books, starting with Hidden Empire.

So many great books, so little time.

What should I do ?

For now, I am off to read.


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