(Y-12) Today’s reading

Today as you can tell by the hour, I had a really early start.

I have been dealing with some issues on my left arm, and because of the medicine prescribed to take at night makes me fall asleep really early.

Thus the hour.

But as with my insomnia I’ll take advantage of this.

To start off this morning reading, and hopefully make this be 300-page day, I’ll read the third series of the comic adaptation of The Witcher, Curse of Crows.

Another amazing find on my Kindle Unlimited account.

This is my warm up for next week’s 24in48 readathon.

For now, I am off to read.


(Y-12) two new milestones, for real this time

I have finally reached two major milestones, the first was reaching 300,000 pages of the 1,000,000 pages that comprise my crazy little project, which started back in 2008.

The book that put me thru this remarkable goal was The Walking Dead Vol. 9, a series that I started reading back in 2007, and read from volume 1 to 7.

Right now there are more than 30 volumes.

The culprit of my 300,000 pages

Also, I reached 20,000 pages of this year of reading, this 25 days ahead of schedule.

Consequently, it was the tenth volume of The Walking Dead that helped me cross the 20,000-page mark.

The culprit of my 20,000 pages of this year

The next immediate goal is to pass the halfway mark of this year of reading, which is 20,833 pages, just 775 more to go.

Also, make this year my best one yet, for that to happen, I still have 27,832 pages ahead of me.

For this week of reading, I have lined-up some really of my favorite series.

Starting with the world created by David Petersen, Mouse Guard, with three collections that I found on Kindle Unlimited, also, the second comic book series of The Witcher, Fox Children, still haven’t read the last three numbers.

And lastly, try to finish by Thursday night the second volume of Dragonlance Chronicles, Dragons of Winter Night, I have fallen a little behind, but nothing I cannot make up for.

For now, I am off to read.


(Y-12) another milestone?

Today was a lazy and rainy one.

I spent most of the day resting up, still having some issues with my left arm, and of course reading.

I am pretty sure that two of my goals were met today, reaching 300,000 of total pages, and 20,000 pages for this year.

But I wouldn’t be sure until my digital lists are updated.

For now, I’ll keep on browsing fo new things to read, which consequently have already given me some new material to read.

I’ll finish with the tenth volume of The Walking Dead, and then it’s on to the second series of the Dark Horse adaptation of The Witcher, Fox Children.

After that, I’ll return to the mesmerizing world of Mouse Guard, created by David Petersen, who is this anthology collection known as Legends of the Guard, he shares his world with some heavy hitters.

I have a lot of new things to read, and hopefully I’ll keep on adding to this amazing year of reading.


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