A day as a Hobbit

Yesterday was Tolkien Reading Day. I set out to do two things, try to read Children of Húrin in its entirety, and try an eat all six Hobbit meals.

As we lack extensive and mystical Forests, I live in the desert, the next best thing was to go to the urban park right in the middle of the city.

The reading went pretty well, read around 250 pages of the 320. The meals where a whole success. Here are the photos of all of them.

Dinner & Supper was the most amazing part of the day, firstly because I got to eat and drink some artisanal beer in a new place called Artística Brewing Co., and most importantly ,I was joined by my lovely wife to end the festivities right.

Today my plan is to finish the Children of Húrin, probably the last book of The Farseer Trilogy, and be 200 pages shy of the 50,000-page mark for the year. If those two books go down, I’ll reach the 400,000-page and start to work toward the first half of this lengthy challenge.

Off to read.


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