(Y-11) Old School Monday…Green Lantern (1960-1986) #1

Welcome to the new addition to this blog.

Old School Monday.

In which, I’ll read a classic comic, the only condition here is that it has to be one that is prior to the year I was born, 1981.

To start off this new and exciting section I read one of my favorite comic books of all time, Green Lantern.

Written by John Broome and Murphy Anderson, we get to experience Hal Jordan getting the hang of his new powers, given to him by Abin Sur, and traveling to far away planet to install the Green Lanterns help.

In the helms of the artwork there is a legendary team of artist, Murphy Anderson, Joe Giella and Gil Kane.

Some of my favorite things of this classic comics, and something you don not see often in modern comics, is the thought bubbles of the characters, describing their deep concerns.

I found this issue on Comixology, I think some of the upcoming old school entries will be on digital form, except if I find some reprints.

The next Monday I will be entering the fascinating world of The Eternals, by the legendary artist and writer Jack Kirby.


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