Books of (Y-13)

10 days into my new year of reading, and I haven’t yet completed my list of books.

I have been over all of my bookshelves, and decided to dedicate, in addition to the books inherited from last year, this year of reading to all my new acquisitions of my favorite Mexican publishing company, Editorial Paraiso Perdido.

Earlier on the year , I subscribed to it’s new books membership, which counted with 10 new novels to be release throughout 2020.

I still have 4 more books to receive, and in addition to that I bought some other that I found interesting.

Right now , as you can above, I have 10 great stories to dig into, and start things off I’ll read Serafina y el ardid insondable, written and beautifully illustrated by Diana Martín.

For now, I am off to read.


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