Balancing act, part seven

This weekend’s readathon didn’t yield the outcome I hoped for, this of course entirely my fault.

I read for about 5 hours, and only 300 pages, not what I was hoping for.

But that’s a missed opportunity, one ot will not happen again, as I check the numbers left for this year of reading,I find the window is closing to achieve my goal, and leave the next 10 year of my project as I predicted.

This gives me a pathway, and motivation, to reach those goals, starting of with my balancing act for February, from which, I still have 6,545 pages to go.

This with the endgame of reading the 37,984 that make up this year’s goal, from which I still have 22,733 pages to go, and about 119 days to do so.

As all the times I feel discouraged, or overwhelmed by my task, I ask for assistance to some of my favorite characters, and authors.

This is the bounty to help me along the way.

Let’s get to it.


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