50,000-page watch: March 13,2022

Being tomorrow, this according to my projections, should be the day for reaching the 50,000-page milestone in this year of reading, it seems fit that I made a little update to see where my total stands.

As of right now my total for the year is 46,605 pages, that’s 3,395 to reach the next point in my journey. It is safe to say that is nearly impossible for me to read almost 3,500 pages in one day, but it seems like a task for the upcoming week of reading.

In order to reach that task, I concocted a list to get me over the total.

  1. La búsqueda del asesino (currently reading)
  2. Shaman King Vol.9 ( currently reading)
  3. Shaman King Vol.10
  4. Absolute Sandman Overture
  5. Batman:Dark Victory
  6. Vinland Saga Vol.1
  7. Eternals: Cosmic Origin
  8. Wasteland Vol.2
  9. Wasteland Vol.3
  10. Wasteland Vol.4
  11. Wasteland Vol.5
  12. Wasteland Vol.6
  13. Wasteland Vol.7

This will give 5 pages over the total, and it will become my best year of reading.

Off to read


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